Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival 2024

Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival in Izu, Shizuoka

Azalea (Tsutsuji in Japanese) is a popular spring flowers in Japan, and there are several spots to enjoy this colourful and adorable flower across the country during the season. Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival is one of the biggest azalea festivals in Japan, which takes place at Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture from late April to early May annually. The park is located on 321m above sea level around Mt Komuro, offering an amazing panoramic view of the peninsula and Sagami Bay.

The festival features over 100,000 of 40 kinds azaleas which blooms vividly in the vast park of 35,000 square meters. One of the best highlight of the festival is the Azalea Tunnel, which is located at the center of the park. The stunning red tunnel is formed by the azalea trees which are human sized.

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The Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival (小室山公園つつじ祭り) is held annually from mid to late April, and along with the beautiful scenery of the azalea garden, several events are also held such as local delicacies, markets and shows. The illumination of azalea will also be available at night during the festival, which displays a romantic and mystical view of flowers. You may have a chance to see the starry sky if the visibility is good.

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Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival is one of the best one day trip destinations from Tokyo this spring! Izu Peninsula has numbers of hotels and resorts as well as countless tourist attractions such as beaches, hot springs, museums, parks, mountains, delicious food and more. How about taking a side trip to see the spectacular scenery of azalea flowers and indulge yourself with delicious food and beautiful nature of Izu Peninsula!

Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival (小室山公園つつじ祭り)

Map: http://bit.ly/2WziM39

Access: 25 mins by bus (towards Komuroyama Lift) from JR Ito Station or 20 mins walk from Izukyu Kawana Station

Date: 13 to 30 April 2024

Hours: 9:00~16:00

Fee: free

Official Website: https://itospa.com/event/detail_10010.html

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