6 Best Strawberry Picking Farms near Tokyo

Strawberry Picking is a perfect spring fun activity for family with kids, couples and friends!!

Best Strawberry Picking Farms near Tokyo

The season is changing from winter to spring, and it’s time to go strawberry picking. Strawberry picking is one of the most popular activities in winter and spring in Japan since everyone from children to the old can enjoy tasting the fresh and sweet fruits in the warm greenhouse. It’s a perfect fun activity to go out with family, couples and friends.

You can get the chance to experience fresh strawberries picking while staying in Tokyo. There are numbers of accessible strawberry farms near Tokyo and most of them carefully plant and grow strawberries with well-controlled temperature. Moreover, they serve their sweetest fruits with all-you-can-eat deals.

Here are 6 best strawberry farms where you can experience strawberry picking near Tokyo in spring.

Lots of farms are fully occupied early in the morning, so it’s recommended to arrive before they are open to make sure. Some of them accept reservations in advance. I also introduce how to book them online below!

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1. Yoshimura Strawberry Park

Yoshimura Strawberry Park (吉村収農産物直売所), located in Mashiko area, Tochigi Prefecture, is accessible from Tokyo within 2 hours. And, just 5 mins from Kitayama Station of Moka Railway Line on foot.

You can enjoy unlimited strawberries with 6 species including the famous Tochiotome and Skyberry. Everyone is welcomed from couple to family (free for children under 5), and it is foreigner-friendly, of course. Mashiko area has lots of tourist attractions around the strawberry farm. Why don’t you explore the hidden gems near Tokyo?

Access: 5 mins walk from Kitayama Station (北山駅)

Open: 9:00–16:00 (Tuesday to Sunday)

Closed: Monday

Season: December to May

Rate(Adult): 1,600 yen (December)/1,400 yen (January to February)/1,300 yen (March to April 9th)/1,000 (April 10th to May)

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2. Dragon Farm (Chiba)

© Dragon Farm.

Dragon Farm (ドラゴンファーム) is a quiet strawberry farm with at-home atmosphere, located in Chiba Prefecture. It’s one of the best farms for strawberry picking near Tokyo since tt takes only less than 1 hour to get to the farm from Tokyo. They use less pesticides to offer organic strawberries, planting 17 kinds of strawberries. If you visit Dragon Farm early in the morning, you can get the chance to taste more than 5 species of them. They also sell original products made of their fruits such as jams, cookies, juices, etc.

Access: 10 mins by taxi from JR Tsuga Station (都賀駅)

Open: 9:00-(Wednesday)/8:30-(Weekend&Holiday)

Season: January to May

Rate(Adult): 3,000 yen (Monday to Saturday)/2,000 yen (Sunday)

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3. Ichigo no Sato Farm (Tochigi)

Ichigo no Sato Farm (いちごの里湯本農場) is located in one of the most famous production areas of strawberries Tochigi Prefecture. They strawberry picking with 3 main kinds: Skyberry (スカイベリー) is the newest kind in Tochigi with the biggest fruit, and Tochiotome (とちおとめ) is the shiny sweetest one. Tochihine (とちひめ) is too soft and juicy to delivery, so you can rarely eat the “phantasmal strawberry” except there.

Access: 15 mins by taxi from JR Oyama Station (小山駅)

Open: 10:30-(Weekday)/9:30-(Weekend&Holiday)

Season: January to May

Rate(Skyberry): 2,000 yen (Dec to Mar)/1,500 yen (Apr to May)

Rate(Tochiotome): 1,700 yen (Dec)/1,600 yen(Jan to Feb)/1,500 yen(Mar)/1,200 yen(Apr to May)

Time: 30 mins

▽Check more details in the official website!!▽

4. Kamakura Kanko Ichigo Farm (Kanagawa)

Kamakura Kanko Strawberry Farm (鎌倉観光いちご園) is located in the old city Kamakura near Tokyo. They grow one of the most popular strawberries Benihoppe (紅ほっぺ) which tastes sweet and sour and their original brand specie Benishizuka (紅静). Strawberries are planted both on the ground the at the high place, so you don’t need to bend lower to pick them. In addition to strawberry picking at Kamakura Kanko Ichigo Farm, it’s recommended to travel Kamakura, which is called “Western Kyoto”, with historical shrines and temples.

Access: 8 mins walk from Shonan-fukasawa Station(湘南深沢駅)

Open: 9:30-(Weekend&Holiday)

Close: Weekday

Season: January to May

Rate: 2,000 yen (mid Dec to mid Feb)/1,800 yen (mid Feb to mid Apr)/1,500 yen (mid Apr to Close)

Time: 30 mins

5. Tokorozawa Kitada Farm Marche of Strawberry (Saitama)

Tokorozawa Kitada Farm Marche of Strawberry (所沢北田農園 苺のマルシェ) has been run since Edo Period (1603 to 1868), and the Marche of Strawberry was open in 2014. They mainly grow 2 species: Akihime (章姫) and Benihoppe (紅ほっぺ). Strawberries are planted at a little high place, so children are easy to pick them without any dirt. There is a space for relaxation with tables, chairs and classical BGM.

Close: Monday

Access: 7 mins by taxi or bus from Shin-tokorozawa Station (新所沢駅)

Open: 10:00–15:00

Season: January to May

Rate(Adult): 2,100 yen (early Jan to March 10)/2,000 yen (March 11 to April 8)/1,700 yen (April 10 to May 6)/1,200 yen (May 7 to close)

Time: 30 mins

6. Strawberry House (Kanagawa)

© 2018 ストロベリーハウス

Strawberry House (ストロベリーハウス), located in Kanagawa Prefecture, offer strawberry picking experiences with 4 species: the large-fruit Akihime (あきひめ), the sweet and sour Benihoppe (紅ほっぺ), Yayoihime (やよい姫) and Oishiberry (おいCベリー). Their strawberries go well with condensed milk which is serves for free. Strawberry House is also a perfect strawberry picking farm for family with children. You can enjoy picking them with baby carriages, and there are kid-friendly spaces with playthings.

Access: 15 mins by taxi or bus from Ebina Station (海老名駅)

Open: 7:30- (Weekend&Holiday)

Close: Weekday

Season: January to around June

Rate(Adult): 1,800 yen (Jan to Mar)/1,400 yen (Apr to May 6)/1,000 yen (May 12 to Close)

Time: 30 mins

Website: http://strawberryhouse-ebina.com/picking/

If you want to make sure to enjoy strawberry picking, it’s highly recommended to book early. For more information about spring in Japan, check these articles below!!

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