Inabe Plum Festival 2019

Inabe Ume Matsuri 2019 Enjoy the gorgeous Plum (Ume) Blossoms at Inabe City, Mie

The pinkest place on earth! Enjoy plum blossoms (ume) before cherry blossoms kick off 🙂 Inabe Plum Festival 2019 is definitely the best spot to see plum blossoms in Japan!

Inabe Plum Grove (いなべ梅林) is located within the Agriculture Park in Inabe city, Mie prefecture. The park is well known as one of the best spots to view plum blossoms in Japan.

The plum blossom festival, Inabe Plum Festival (いなべ梅まつり) is held at Inabe Plum Grove every year, attracting visitors from all over Japan. Over 100 kinds, approx 4,500 plum trees are planted in the 380,000 ㎡ space on the base of Suzuka mountain range. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of colourful plum blooms and stroll in the grove with the great mountain view behind.

During the festival, some delicious plum products are also sold, such as plum juice, plum jam and plum extract.

The festival is held for about 2 weeks when the flowers start blooming, usually from early March. Inabe Plum Festival 2019 is scheduled to be held from early to late March. You check the latest update on their official site.

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Access: 20 mins by Taxi from Ageki station

Hours: 8:30~16:00

Fee: 500 yen

Date: early to late March (TBC)