Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Japan: What’s Open Now??

Places and Tourist Attractions in Japan that are Open during the Coronavirus Shutdowns

Due to the prevention of Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread, numbers of facilities and tourist attractions are temporarily closed in Japan including Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea, Universal Studios Japan, Ghibli Museum, Teamlab Borderless as well as some events such as Anime Japan 2020, cherry blossom festivals, etc.

-List of the places in Japan that are closed temporarily due to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

-Cancellations of cherry blossom festivals in Japan due to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

At this moment, it’s advised to stay away from crowded places and keep contact with others to a minimum to prevent infection and spread of the coronavirus. If you are currently travelling in Japan, this could be a huge disappointment as you may need to give up some of the places you were planning to visit.

However, in case you wish to do some sightseeing and special activities while travelling in Japan during this coronavirus shutdowns, there are places and attractions that are still available such as temples and shrines, Onsen, private activities including cooking classes and tea ceremonies.

In this article, I am sharing the list of places in Japan which are open during the coronavirus (Covid-19) shutdowns.

Please check their official websites for the latest information before visiting because: 
-listed attractions and activities may be closed at any time
-some of facilities, attractions and events may be not available at listed places
-operation hours may be changed at some places
due to prevent spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).
Also, if you have symptoms similar to cold or flu, please refrain from visiting these places.

Tokyo and Kanto area

Sensoji Temple

Meiji Jingu Shrine

more temples and shrines in Tokyo

Yoyogi Park (partially closed)

more parks in Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace Gaien National Garden

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Temples and Shrines in Kamakura


Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Namba Yasaka Shrine

Osaka Expo ’70 Commemorative Park (partially closed)


Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Kinkakuji Temple

more temples and shrines in Kyoto

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Arashiyama Monkey Park

Ine no Funaya

Hokkaido & Tohoku

Moerenuma Park (partially closed)

Zao Fox Village

Central Japan

Fuji Five Lakes

Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Kenrokuen Garden

Shirakawago Village

Ise Jingu Shrine

Western Japan

Lake Biwa

Todaiji Temple

Nara Park

Adachi Museum

Izumo Taisha Shrine (partially closed)

Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome

Itsukushima Shrine

Kyushu & Okinawa

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Beppu Onsen

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Having introduced opened places in Japan during the coronavirus shutdowns, due to the measure to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are strongly advised to stay home and avoid going out non-essentially. If you are locked inside home or your hotel room, there are several contents that you can enjoy while being in Japan such as watching anime, dramas, movies, reading manga or books, play games and so on. There are also unique live-streaming service available at many locations in Japan that can take you to a little virtual trip. If you need extra data or fast-speed internet, consider getting the best pocket WiFi option in Japan, too.

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