Namba Yasaka Shrine: The Lion Head Shrine in Osaka

Namba Yasaka Shrine in Osaka is the Coolest Kickass Lion Head Shrine!

Unique and Crazy! Meet the eye-popping gigantic lion heat at Namba Yasaka Shrine, a.k.a. the Lion Shrine in Osaka!

Namba Yasaka Shrine (難波八阪神社) is one of the most unique and photo-worthy shrines in Japan, which is located in Osaka City. The shrine has been worshipped as the tutelary deity of the Namba district yet has no remaining records of original establishment.

Namba Yasaka Shrine is known as the “Lion Shrine” as it houses the enormous lion head statue called Ema-Den (絵馬殿). The 12 m high x 11 m wide eye-popping lion head has become the symbol of the shrine as well as the popular photo spot in Osaka City. Inside the lion month is a stage where several shrine events are held through the year.

It is believed that the wide-opened mouth of the lion swallows up evil spirits of worshippers and calls for victory and success. Namba Yasaka Shrine is accessible from center of Osaka (only 15 mins walk from Dotonbori area), so extend your trip to see this most forceful shrine in Japan!

-Namba Yasaka Shrine (難波八阪神社)


Address: 2–9–19 Motomachi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka City

Access: 5 mins from Namba station

Fee: Free

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