Best Temples and Shrines to Visit in Tokyo

Must-Visit Shrines and Temples in Tokyo by Area

Did you know there are over 4,000 shrines and temples in Tokyo?! Some of them are well known among tourists as top tourist sites of the city, but there are plenty more interesting ones which not many of us have probably heard of. From sacred Shinto shrines to unique photo-worthy temples, today I’m going to introduce my picks of must-visit temples and shrines in Tokyo by area!

Shibuya/Harajuku/Shinjuku Area

The area is known as the center of Tokyo’s pop-culture and has a young, vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Shibuya is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo and has the world famous scramble crossing as its top landmark. Harajuku is known as the birthplace of Kawaii culture and the Tokyo street fashion. Shinjuku is the biggest red-light district in Tokyo and activates at night with flashy neon lights.

Although these three districts are filled with young and modern culture, there are a few notable historic sites where visitors can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant time.

▽Meiji Shrine▽

▼Gotokuji Temple▼

▼Hanazono Shrine▼

Tsukiji Area

Tsukiji area is best known for the Tsukiji Fish Market. The inner market of Tsukiji has been relocated to Toyosu in 2018, however shops and restaurants at Tsukiji’s outer market still remain and operate their business at the same locations. Tsukiji is located within a walking distance from Ginza area which is great for shopping.

If you get tired of walking, how about stopping by at one of shrine or temple and take a moment to relax??

▼Tsukiji Honganji Temple▼

▼Namiyoke Shrine▼ (Japanese only)

Asakusa/Ueno Area

Asakusa and Ueno are popular tourist destinations in Tokyo best known for the historical buildings and the great old downtown atmosphere. Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple is one of the top landmarks of Japan, and the surrounding area represents the good old Tokyo vibes. Ueno’s best attraction is Ueno Park, and there are numbers of tourist attractions within the park such as Ueno Zoo, museums and several temples and shrines.

In Asakusa, Ueno and their neighbours, amazing historical sites and great nature can be enjoyed while being in the ultra-modern city, Tokyo.

▼Sensoji Temple▼

▽Ueno Toshogu Shrine▽

▽Nezu Shrine▽

Akihabara/Central Tokyo Area

Akihabara is best known as the Mecca of geek culture and electric products. It’s one of Tokyo’s top tourist areas for sightseeing, shopping and meeting the interesting underground culture. The area might be filled with shopping malls and modern buildings, yet if you take a few steps away, there are several greatest historical sites within this neighbourhood.

No wonder why the central area of Tokyo used to be the center of Edo City in past.

▽Kanda Myojin Shrine▽

▽Tokyo Daijingu Shrine▽

▽Yasukuni Shrine ▽

Akasaka/Roppongi Area

One of the most upscale areas in Tokyo, Akasaka and Roppongi are where modern buildings and skyscrapers gather. The area is also popular as the nightlife district especially among foreigners. Many high-end bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels are located within this neighbourhoods. However, you can spot numbers of historical buildings sit quietly in this concrete jungle.

By collaborating with Tokyo’s modern streetscapes, they could be the best photo-worthy spots in the city.

▼Toyokawa Inari Temple▼

▽Hie Shrine▽

▽Atago Shrine▽

▼Zojoji Temple▼

Did you enjoy the list?? Tokyo is known as the city with ultra modern and high technology, but actually there are a lot of spots where you can enjoy the historic and traditional side of the city. And that makes Tokyo one of the coolest cities on earth 🙂 Don’t miss visiting these greatest temples and shrines in Tokyo during your trip!

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