Gotokuji Temple: The Cat Temple in Tokyo

Gotokuji Temple: Must-Visit Temple in Tokyo for Cat Lovers!

Gotokuji Temple

“Miaoooow!” Hundreds of Manekineko cat will welcome you with paws at Gotokuji Temple!

Manekineko , “the beckoning cat”, is a Japanese popular lucky charm which people believe to bring a luck to its owner. Gotokuji Temple,located in Tokyo, is known as the place of origin of Manekoneko.

In Edo era, when the feudal lord Hikone walked by a temple in Edo on his way home,he met a cat in front of the temple gate. So he stopped by at the temple and had some rest. Just then, the clouds covered the sky all the sudden and a severe thunderstorm arrived. Not getting wet, the lord was so glad that he made a lot of donation to re-build the poverty-stricken temple. And he designated this temple as his family temple.Since then Gotokuji Temple has been believed for luck with beckoning cats.

Nowadays people buy beckoning cats dolls from the temple and when their wish come true, people come back to the temple to dedicate the cats. This is why the temple has numerous cats! Why don’t you visit this unique temple in Tokyo especially if you are a cat lover!


Adress: 2–24–7 Gotokuji, Setagaya, Tokyo (5 mins walk from Miyanosaka Station (Tokyu Setagaya Line))

Hours: 8:30~18:00

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