1 Week Itinerary in TOKYO

The best itinerary: Tokyo in one week

First time visiting to Japan? Tokyo offers an abundance of tourist attractions and you will never have enough time to do and see all the fun things in Tokyo. But if you have one week in Tokyo, it would say that you can have a lot of different experiences and visit most of must-see spots in the city. But in order to make a perfect trip according to your bucket list in Tokyo, it is a must to plan your trip in advance.

In this article, I would like to share a suggested one week itinerary in Tokyo including the best highlights of the city such as historical sites, modern skyscrapers, shopping, dining, trending attractions and side trip for some countryside escape.

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One week in Tokyo and around (IN/OUT Narita Airport)

Day 1: Arrive to Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo! How much you can do on your arrival day is really depends on the arriving time, but even if you arrive Tokyo in late afternoon or at night, there are many places that you can enjoy after dark in Tokyo. Let’s start the first day with Tokyo’s best nightlife spots such as the biggest red light district Shinjuku, the trendy nigh out area Roppongi or observatories to gaze the stunning night view of the city.

If you are ready to fulfill your appetite with fine Japanese cuisine such as sushi, wagyu and kaiseki cuisine, head to the top-rated restaurants but make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Joining a bar-hopping tour is definitely a great idea, too! You can experience the real drink and food culture at hidden spots in Tokyo introduced by local guides! Check out the link below to find our more details! ▶ Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Food Tour

For more information about nightlife in Tokyo, please check the link below:

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Day 2–4: Explore Best Bits of Tokyo

Take 3 days to complete Tokyo’s best highlights! Don’t miss a chance to visit some of top landmarks including historical sites, outstanding architecture and cool streetscape! Check out the following things to do and see in Tokyo which you can do in 3 days.

1.) Explore historical sites including Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple and other great temples & shrines in Tokyo. The old downtown area including Asakusa and Ueno is a good place to feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the city, and try activities like wearing kimono and rickshaw ride. After visiting this area, you can easily extend your trip to Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan with observation decks where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Tokyo.

2.) Experience the Japanese geek culture in Akihabara, the heaven for anime/manga/game fans. You can find many otaku-related merchandise here including books, DVDs, games, figurines, etc. Akihabara is also home to many electronics stores such as Yodobashi and Bic Camera, selling the latest electronics products with very competitive price. Unique activities such as Maid Cafe and Go-Kart riding are also popular in this area.

3.) Explore the unique food culture of Japan in Tsukiji. The world’s largest wholesale market, Tsukiji Market was moved to a new location Toyosu in 2018, yet Tsukiji is still a wonderful place for foodies. The outer market of Tsukiji remains in the same location with a large number of stores and restaurants, offering a wide variety of food and related products including fresh seafood, street snacks and cooking tools. Along with Tsukiji, visit Hamarikyu, an urban park in Tokyo with a pleasant Japanese garden as well as Ginza, a shopping avenue with large department stores, luxury brands and restaurants.

4.) For shopping and explore the young culture of Japan, Shibuya and Harajuku are two must-visit districts. Shibuya is known as the most bustling area in the city with the large number of shops and dining options. The famous landmark “Shibuya Crossing”the world’s biggest crosswalk with hundreds of people passing to/from different directions. Another mecca of young generation, Harajuku is located between Shibuya and Shinjuku. The district is known for the Kawaii culture and home to many stores selling fancy fashion pieces and character goods.

5.) Other recommended things to do/see in Tokyo in one day are teamLab’s digital art museums, watch a tuna auction at Toyosu Market, Tokyo Tower, and theme parks. For rainy days, there are also fun things to do that you can enjoy indoor such as cultural activities, unique theme cafes, indoor amusement facilities and shopping complexes. And don’t forget some seasonal activities such as cherry blossom viewing, fireworks, autumn leaves and winter illumination.

Day 5–6: Hakone

After spending 4 days in Tokyo, I think it’s a good idea to have a short escape from the concrete jungle and take a deep breathe in a peaceful nature. Take a short trip to the nearest Onsen resort, Hakone. Treat your body in a great hot spring bath with a majestic view of Mt Fuji. Stay at ryokan a Japanese style inn, enjoy local dishes and feel the tranquility of the nature. Besides Onsen retreat, Hakone offers a great variety of tourist attractions including Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine, museums and parks.

Onsen is not for you? Then check the article below to get more ideas for shot trips from Tokyo

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Day 7: Leave from Tokyo

Time to say goodbye! If your flight time is late in the day, you can still do things that you missed out in the list from day 2-4. I would also recommend you to do the last souvenir shopping in some of the popular stores in Japan such as Donki, Loft, Muji and Uniqlo. You can check the popular items to shop in Japan here ▶ What to Buy in Japan. Last minute shopping is also available at Narita Airport 😉

The most efficient and budget-friendly way to get around the city would be using the Tokyo subway (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway)! Did you know you can save a lot of time and cost by purchasing Tokyo Subway Pass (24-hour , 48-hour , 72-hour)? Book e-tickets in your country and pick up at the airport (Narita and Haneda) right after your arrival! Click below for more details!

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