Ginza: 10 Best Things to Do

From Tsukiji Market to Ginza Shopping Street, Best Things to Do in Ginza Tokyo

The most luxury and sophisticated district of Tokyo, Ginza is where high-standard department stores, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants gather. It’s also very close to the world’s biggest fish market “Tsukiji Fish Market” where you can enjoy the fresh seafood and famous tuna auction. Here are best things to do in Ginza area, Tokyo!

1. Ginza High-Street

Ginza high-street is called “Chuo Dori (central avenue)” which is approx 1 km long lined up with massive department stores and high brand boutiques. It’s Tokyo’s most posh and sophisticated shopping district.

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UNIQLO is a popular Japanese fashion retailer, and UNIQLO’s biggest flagship shop as UNIQLO Ginza is located in Ginza high street.

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3. Kabukiza

The building of Kabukiza Theater in Ginza

Kabuki is one of the most recognisable Japanese traditions. Kabukiza is a complex building to represent Kabuki to the world. It consists of Kabuki theatre, gallery, shops and restaurants.

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4. Ginza Itoya

inside Itoya, Ginza

Japanese stationery goods are highly regarded for its quality and design. The biggest stationary store, Ginza Itoya is located right off the high street of Ginza.

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5. Hamarikyu Garden

Inside Hamarikyu Garden

The real oasis in a concrete jungle. Hamarikyu Garden (浜離宮) was originally built as a feudal lord’s Tokyo residence and duck hunting grounds during the Edo Period and now visitors can enjoy it as a park with a great landscape.

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6. Tsukiji Fish Market (inner market) ← CLOSED

Tsukiji Inner Fish Market which is now closed.

The world largest wholesale market, Tsukiji fish market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. The inner market is where the famous tuna auction is held in early morning and the vibrant wholesale area can be seen.

Tsukiji Fish Market has been relocated to Toyosu on October 2018, and the inner market does not exist any longer. However shops and restaurants at the outer market of Tsukiji remain their business with the same conditions as before.

7. Tsukiji Fish Market (outer market)

Seafood displayed along Tsukiji Outer Fish Market

Although the inner market of Tsukiji has been relocated, the outer market remains its existence as before. Hundreds of shops, restaurants and street food vendors can still be enjoyed at the outer market of Tsukiji today.

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8. Food Walking Tour

A man cutting tuna at Tsukiji

The best way to experience the fascinating food culture in Tsukiji area is to join a food tour led by a local expert guide! This Tokyo Fish Market Tour is one of the most popular food tours in Tokyo today, held in Tsukiji area daily. With a local guide, you can explore hidden parts of Tsukiji area, and try out authentic street food and delicious seafood!

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9. Tsukiji Honganji Temple

The main hall of Tsukiji Honganji Temple

Only few steps away from Tsukiji Market, Tsukiji Honganji Temple is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhism temple with beautiful ancient Indian motif.

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10. Sushi

Sushi at Harenohi Shokudo, Tsukiji Fish Market

Ginza and Tsukiji area is possibly the best area to eat Sushi in Tokyo. There are several world’s greatest Sushi restaurants within the districts such as Sukiyabashi Jiro and Kyubey. See the links below introducing the best Sushi restaurants in Ginza and Tsukiji area.

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11. Antenna Shops

Antenna shops are where local specialties (food&craft goods) from many regions are sold. You can taste region specialties in a heart of Tokyo without travelling!

12. Yurakucho

Izakaya Alley in Yurakucho

Next to Ginza high-street, Yurakucho offers plenty of options for shopping and dining with much more local atmosphere. Also it’s hugely popular as an Izakaya district and many small pubs and restaurants are situated under the train track.

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