15 Best Department Stores in Tokyo

List of New and Classic Department Stores for Shopping in Tokyo

Department in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is a place where trending culture and fashion emerge. There are a lot of shopping malls and department stores where you can experience the latest trends in Tokyo. From worldwide famous brands to local ones, a variety of shops are ready to welcome you!!

Let’s have a look at the 15 best department stores in Tokyo so you can enjoy shopping and find whatever you want!!

Isetan Shinjuku

Isetan ShinjukuIsetan Shinjuku, located at the center of the Shinjuku area, is one of the best department stores in Tokyo. Due to the convenient access, many people visit there for shopping. It’s composed of the main building and the men’s building. In the main building, a wide selection of food, pastries, and drinks are available on the B1 floor. If you are keen on cosmetics, exploring the 1st and 2nd floors would help you to find the best item for you. From the 2nd to 4th floor, a lot of famous brands are lined up such as GUCCI, BALENCIAGA as well as ISSEI MIYAKE and YOHJI YAMAMOTO. A variety of stuff to make your living space cozy and fashionable is on the 5th floor and kids’ items are on the 6th floor.

In the men’s building, there are a lot of creative and trending styles. On the 2nd floor, 2 pop-up spaces are opened for superior creation brands that suggest the highest value regularly.

Matsuya Ginza

Matsuya GinzaMatsuya Ginza is one of the oldest department stores in Japan. It has been cheering up the town of Ginza for about 100 years since it was established. Matsuya Ginza focuses on providing the best experience in each period with consumers. It has supported Good Design Activity, which started in the 1950s by designers and tried to realize a good life by good design. As a representation, its symbolic outside wall lights up Ginza town with 3 colors of light at night. The atrium space in the central hall has been a landmark of Matsuya Ginza since its opening in 1925.

A range of items is available from food and drinks to cosmetics, jewelry, international and domestic designers’ brands, and sportswear. On the rooftop area, there is a golf school, “On the green”.

Shibuya Parco

Shibuya ParcoShibuya Parco has played an important role in developing Shibuya into a town for young people since it was established in 1973. In addition to the main role of a shopping center, there used to be a lot of cultural facilities such as a cinema, a radio studio, and a live house.

Shibuya Parco was renovated and reopened in 2019  with new concepts such as “non-age”, “genderless”, and “cosmopolitan”. Its aspect of the cultural trending spot still remained after the renovation. The 6th floor has a lot of shops featuring Japanese manga, anime, and game culture, such as Pokemon Center, Nintendo TOKYO, which is the first direct shop of Nintendo, JUMP SHOP, and CAPCOM STORE TOKYO. Moreover, various events that specialize in a collaboration of arts, fashion, music, food, and culture are often held. You’ll find a new perspective on the trending town, Shibuya.

Ginza Mitsukoshi

GinzaMistukoshiGinza Mitsukoshi is known as a landmark of the Ginza area. The lion statue at the entrance is a popular meeting spot for people.  While a lot of modern cultural buildings consistently emerge these days, Ginza Mitsukoshi has never failed to attract attention from local and foreign people since it was established in 1930.

There are a variety of shops in Ginza Mitsukoshi from food and fashion to fancy dining. Ginza Mitsukoshi keeps trying to catch up with each generation’s trends so everyone can enjoy shopping regardless of gender and age. The most popular spot is the Art Aquarium Ginza, located on the 9th floor. Art Aquarium Ginza is an art gallery that is created by a collaboration of goldfish, light, music, and scent. It provides a fantastic world of beautiful and elegant goldfish. Its art theme changes seasonally. You can experience the traditional Japanese culture of “goldfish watching” in the modern way.

Lumine Est Shinjuku

Lumine Est ShinjukuLumine Est Shinjuku is one of the best shopping centers in Tokyo. Due to the super convenient location, many people visit there for shopping. Once you get off a train at Shinjuku Station, let’s start finding your favorite stuff!! The building has both women’s sections and men’s sections. Several fashion styles are available such as casual, formal, girly, street, mode, young, adult, and unisex. If you are a big fan of fashion, it is worth visiting.

The restaurant section is located on the 7th and 8th floors. Not only Japanese food, but international cuisines such as Spanish, Italian, and Asian styles are also available so you can try different food every time you go shopping there. A beer garden can be enjoyable in summer on the rooftop area.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Tokyu Plaza GinzaTokyu Plaza Ginza was established as a new landmark of Ginza in 2016. Based on the concept of “Creative Japan”, it provides the latest Japanese trends as well as preserves traditional Japanese culture. The attractive appearance was designed by an inspiration of the traditional craft “Edokiriko”, which integrates Edo’s glass craft and Western cutting technique, to express the coexistence of tradition and innovation.

There are a variety of shops from Japanese traditional craft shops to foreign brands. On the 8th and 9th floors, Lotte Duty Free Store Ginza could be the best shopping spot for foreigners to get high-quality stuff at reasonable prices in the city. A huge night club RAISE is located on the 6th floor and presents a new nightlife with an amazing night view of Ginza. (Business hours are available through the link. https://ginza.tokyu-plaza.com/shop/detail.html?_id=21193)

Nihombashi Takashimaya

TakashimayaNihombashi Takashimaya is a well-established department in Tokyo. Takashimaya originated as a draper in 1919 and opened as a department store in the current place in 1933. Its old-aged appearance has been kept till now and was designated as a nationally important cultural property in 2009, which was the first time for Japanese department stores. It has kept a position as a Japanese traditional symbol in Nihombashi town.

Nihombahsi Takashimaya is composed of 3 buildings. The main building contains a lot of authentic stores of Japanese departments, which target middle-aged to elderly people. The new building has a variety of specialty shops that are more modern and unique for young generations. The main spot of the east building is Pokemon Center Tokyo DX. Pokemon Center Tokyo DX handles a number of Pokemon games and card games as well as original goods. If you are a big fan of Pokemon, don’t miss visiting there!

Daimaru Tokyo

Daimaru TokyoDaimaru Tokyo is located at the center of Tokyo Station so thousands of people visit there not only from other parts of Japan but from all over the world. It has as many as 14th floors to provide customers with a lot of selections. On the food section floors, you can get authentic Japanese souvenirs such as Hiyoko and Tokyo Banana. If you’re going on a journey to other areas of Japan by Shinkansen, don’t forget to get Ekiben. Ekiben is the best lunch box to eat in Shinkansen!

The most symbolic space is Lib Tokyo on the 6th floor. Lib Tokyo was designed by a famous owner of a shop in the Hayama area to provide various items for clothing, living, and food. Sunny & Co. is a popular brand for its cozy and simple design. LIFE + Lab PLEJOUR brings green and nature into your urban life. Salt Water Table provides a seaside cafe time in an urban city to heal your fatigue from a busy life.

Shibuya Hikarie

Shibuya HikarieShibuya Hikarie is the most modern style department store in Japan. It was established as the first building of the Shibuya development project in 2012. The weird but attractive appearance stands dramatically towering over the Shibuya area. Due to the convenient access from Shibuya Station, it flourishes as the latest trending spot.

In addition to high-brand shops such as Dior and me ISSEY MIYAKE, various stores can be reached all at once such as organic cosmetic shops, hand-maid accessory pop-up stores, and HAYAMA furniture. Satei Zenkashoin is an authentic Japanese cafe that originated in Kyoto. The Creative Space 8 on the 8th floor is an open event space for talented and innovative artists. Different kinds of exhibitions for art, photography, and business are held regularly there.

Seibu Ikebukuro

Seibu IkebukuroSeibu Ikebukuro is the 3rd biggest department store in Japan, located at the center of Ikebukuro Station. Because Ikebukuro Station is the connecting point between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, a lot of people use the station and pass by Seibu Ikebukuro for shopping.

Speaking of department stores people tend to expect expensive shopping, Seibu Ikebukuro includes Loft and MUJI in the main building, which are 2 of the best variety stores in Japan, so you can find whatever you want at reasonable prices even in a department store. Moreover, on the B1 floor of the other building, there is a huge bookstore, Sansedo-shoten. It has a variety of books from business, learning, and literary to manga and lifestyle books.

Shinjuku Marui (OIOI)

Shinjku OIOIShinjuku Marui (OIOI) is directly connected to Shinjuku Station. It’s a bit smaller than other main department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, but because of that, it’s popular for those who don’t like shopping at too busy places.

One of the most popular stores in Shinjuku Marui would be Apple. It’s located on the 1st floor and always busy with people who are keen on the newest technology of Apple. Starbucks Black Apron Store is composed of Starbucks experts who have great customer service skills and knowledge about Starbucks products. Let’s try it and get the best Starbucks experience.

Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

Tokyu Plaza ShibuyaTokyu Plaza Shibuya was launched in 2019 as an enjoyable place for adults in Shibuya. Shibuya is thought of as a trending spot for the young generation, but Tokyu Plaza Shibuya aims at adults by installing shops for food, health, beauty, hobbies, and life plans. It provides a completely new style of department store.

Pepper PARLOR, located on the 5th floor, is a restaurant run by Peppers, who are robots designed by Softbank Robotics. It embodies a society where humans and robots coexist. From the 2nd floor to the 4th floor, various shops that are related to beauty and health for physical and mental aspects offer you a precious experience that is only available here in Shibuya. For example, RARCOS can create an order-made bag for you. The rooftop bar on the 17th and 18th floors is a spectacular spot to expand your social community. Ce La Vie is the most popular restaurant in this building as an entertainment spot, especially with a great night view of the Shibuya area.

Keio Department Store Shinjuku

Keio ShinjukuKeio Department Store Shinjuku is particularly focused on middle-aged to elderly customers. There are a lot of barrier-free design elements in the building. The shopping area for middle-aged women has a resting area and some chairs so people can sit and take a rest during shopping. Moreover, fitting rooms have handrails and larger shelves to put their bags. It also developed its own brand called Triangle, which was designed by 30s women and created by mixing modern trends and middle-aged demands. The escalators run slower than normal ones for elderly people.

Due to this specific strategy, Keio Department Store Shinjuku achieved 3rd place in the department market in the Shinjuku area in terms of sales, following Isetan Shinjuku and Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku.

Shibuya Scramble Square

Shibuya Scramble SquareShibuya Scramble Square is one of the newest department stores in Tokyo. Its concept is ASOVIVA, where everyone can enjoy Shibuya regardless of generation, gender, or nationality. Needless to say, there are worldwide fashion brands such as BALENCIAGA and KENZO, and trending cosmetic brands such as ReFa, IPSA, and Aèsop.

C7h8n4o2 is the first physical storefront for the online chocolate shop c7h8n4o2. It’s always packed with chocolate manias. More than 70 kinds of unique chocolates are available. The hottest spot in the building is SHIBUYA SKY, located on the 46th floor.  SHIBUYA SKY is an observation point to look at a panoramic view of Shibuya town. The view of sunset time with Mt. Fuji is breathtaking. The area is surrounded by glasses, which makes the spot even more popular as a photogenic spot.

Odakyu Department Store

Odakyu ShinjukuOdakyu Department Store has its branches at stations along the Odakyu Line, including Shinjuku, Machida, and Fujisawa. The biggest store is Shinjuku West Halc. It mainly handles food, cosmetics, and luxury brands. Compared to other department stores, Odakyu Shinjuku West Halc puts more importance on its loyal customers and develops limited high-quality products. Interestingly, a golf school is located on its rooftop, so it develops large sections for golf items and wears on the 1st and M2 floors.

Thank you for reading till the end!

Did you find the best shopping place for you? My favorite place is LUMINE Est Shinjuku. Every time I go there for shopping, I spend a whole day!! It’s very convenient to get whatever I want and also to have lunch or dinner all together.

Hope this article can help you to do efficient and great shopping!

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