Yurakucho : Best Things to Do

Best things to do at Tokyo’s hidden gem, Yurakucho area

Yurakucho (有楽町) is located betweet Ginza and Marunouchi area. Since it’s located between the luxurious shopping district and the business district, Yurakucho has created an unique atmosphere with the mixture of each neighbours. Yurakucho is the place you can enjoy shopping, events, townscape and local culture at both perspective of fancy and rustic. Here is a to-do list of Yurakucho area.

1. Tokyo International Forum

One of the greatest architecture building in Tokyo, International Forum is a multi-purpose exhibition center designed by architect Rafael Viñoly. Various events and exhibitions are held here through year so join one of them or simply visit to enjoy the beautiful building.

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→ Brand new MUJI store has opened in Ginza area in April 2019

Two of favourite shops are within the same building in Yurakucho. Muji and Loft are both great place to shop livingware with affordable yet fine Japanese quality!

3. BIC Camera

Electronic products store Bic Camera is located right in front of JR Yurakucho station. It’s much less crowded than Akihabara!


Yurakucho has several great department stores, extending to/from Ginza district. Yurakucho Mullion (有楽町マリオン) is a large complex building includes shops, restaurants, cinema, event hall and offices.

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5. Kotsu Kaikan

If you wish to buy regional food and items from different regions in Japan, visit Kotsukaikan. There are over 10 regional shops including Hokkaido and Osaka where you can taste their specialties while in Tokyo 🙂

6. Izakaya Under the Train Tracks

Yurakucho is best known as “Izakara district” under the train track often called ”Gado Shita (ガード下)”. There are hundreds of small Izakaras (Japanese style pub) along or under the railway towards Shimbashi station. It’s a great place to experience the way local salary-men hang out after work.


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