6 Best Free Observation Decks in Tokyo

Best Free Observation Decks in Tokyo

Tokyo is the city of skyscrapers. There are numbers of observation decks/viewing spots for city views including world known Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree observation decks. But most of spectacular viewing spots are not free.. However, there are some hidden spots which you can enjoy the views for FREE! Do not underestimate because they are free. You will be amazed, I bet!

1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1 (Shinjuku)

One of the most popular and significant buildings in Tokyo, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 1 has an amazing outlook itself, moreover there are two FREE observatories in South and North side.

Address: 45F,2-8-1,Nishi Shinjuku,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo

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2. Shibuya Hikarie (Shibuya)

Looking for a diorama view of railways? Shibuya Hikarie has magnificent views of Shibuya Station and its railways and the hectic district,Shibuya.

Address: 11F,2–21–1, Shibuya,Shibuya ward,Tokyo

3. Bunkyo Civic Center (Korakuen)

This is an utter hidden gem. The view of Tokyo skyscrapers and great Mt.Fuji. Yes,this is real!

Address: 25F,1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo ward, Tokyo

4. Ebisu Garden Place (Ebisu)

Enjoy the view of the central Tokyo from 160 m high. The Garden place is open till 12 am and romantically glows at night.

Address: 38-39F,4-20-3,Ebisu,Shibuya,Tokyo

5. Caretta Shiodome (Shiodome)

As well as the city view, you can enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba district which are connected with the Rainbow Bridge.

Address: 46F,1–8–1,Higashi Shimbashi, Minato,Tokyo

6. Asakusa culture tourist information center (Asakusa)

Located in tourism center area,Asakusa. This uniquely designed building has not the highest observatory but the one of the most significant of Tokyo Skytree and historical Asakusa district together!

Address: 7F,2–18–9 Kaminarimon, Taito ward, Tokyo

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