Tokyo Tower: The Symbol of Japan’s Capital City

Get to know more about Tokyo's most famous landmark!

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Tokyo Tower (東京タワー). It is the most famous landmark in Tokyo to the point that it has become the symbol for the Capital city of Japan.

Standing 333 meters tall, it is a communications and observation tower in Minato ward, Tokyo.

The tower has been the symbol for Tokyo ever since it was inaugurated in 1958, and it has since attracted many visitors from both Japan and all around the world.

Even though it has been over 60 years since it first opened and ceased to be japan’s tallest tower, it still is a major touristic spot with lots of things to do.

Here, I will show you a little about this symbolic tower, including its history, appeal points, and how to get there.

I hope you enjoy!

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What is Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower from far

After WWII ended and the Japanese people were starting to rebuild the country, the people wanted a monument to symbolize the strength and revival of the Japanese people. Coincidently at the same time, a broadcasting tower large enough to reach all the Kanto region was needed. That is how Tokyo Tower was decided to be built.

The tower was designed by Tachu Naito (内藤 多仲) and construction started in 1957. The construction took about a year for completion.

The design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and although some people are not fond of the orange and white coloring, it was colored so to comply with air safety regulations.

What to do & see at Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower from bottom

If you think that going to Tokyo Tower is all about getting to see the nice view of the city, then you will be surprised at all the different things you can do there. Here are just some of those things you can do at the Tower.

Main Deck: Located at a height of 150 meters, the main deck consists of 2 floors where you can have a 360-degree view of the whole city. Here, you can find a cafe, a live music club, and even a Shinto Shrine.

Top Deck Tour: To get to the top deck, you will have to book the tour. This tour will take you to the higher observatory at a height of 250 meters. The tour includes an explanation about the tower as well as several exclusive services.

Tokyo One Piece Tower (Foot town): A permanent theme park dedicated to the popular Manga/Anime One Piece. You will find several attractions as well as exclusive exhibitions. Apart from this theme park, you can also find a One Piece shop and cafe. Here’s an article about the One Piece Restaurant!

One Piece Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower Official Shop Galaxy (Foot town): The official shop where you can find many different souvenirs. From cookies and chocolates to Tshirts and toys. You will find anything related to Tokyo tower here.

Tower Gallery (Foot town): An exhibition room where you can learn about Tokyo Tower. They also have temporal exhibitions.

How to get to Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower from the street

Since Tokyo Tower is situated in such a centric area, there are many ways you can get there. Here, I will show you how to get there by train and bus.

There are various train stations located within walking distance, but the closest ones are the following.

  • Akabanebashi Station (赤羽橋駅) of the Oedo Line: 5-minute walk.
  • Kamiyacho Station (神谷町駅) of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: 7-minute walk.
  • Daimon Station (大門駅) of the Asakusa Line: 10-minute walk.
  • Hamamatsucho Station (浜松町駅) of the JR Lines: 15-minute walk.

Or you can also take a bus from Tokyo Station (Marunouchi South Exit) which will take you to the “Tokyo Tower” stop. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes and the bus stop is just 1 minute away from the tower.

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Tourist attractions near Tokyo Tower

-1st. Zojoji TempleSituated right next to Tokyo Tower, Zojo-ji is considered as one of the most important temples in Japan.  It is the head temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism in the Kanto Region.

-2nd. Hamarikyu Garden: A scenic Japanese Garden near Tsukiji Fish Market that used to be the family garden of Tokugawa Shogun. You can enjoy both nature and metropolis scenery.

-3rd. Hie Shrine: Shinto Shrine in Akasaka, famous for being a place where people wish for safe child delivery. You will find stairs with many Torii gates aligned reminiscent of the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

-4th. Roppongi Hills: A popular landmark of Roppongi district. The modern complex of life and entertainment in Tokyo. You can find movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, high-brand shops, and much more.

-5th. HIROO: Located right between Roppongi and Ebisu, Hiroo is a trendy area that has a great number of delicious and photogenic street food shops. You can get there by taking the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

If you’re looking for places nearby where you can get a nice view of the tower, then check the following link!

Where is the Best Place to See Tokyo Tower??

Hotels & Restaurants near Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Prince Hotel (東京 プリンス ホテル) is a hotel located within walking distance from Tokyo Tower.

First opened in 1964, The Tokyo Prince Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the area. The hotel was just renovated in 2017 and is situated just 3 minutes walk to Tokyo Tower.

Experience the luxurious services and accommodations that this hotel offers while enjoying the stunning view of the Tokyo Tower.

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