When is the Best Time to Visit JAPAN??

When is the best time of year to visit Japan? Check our Japan Travel Guide by season!

Four seasons in Japan

Which season is the best to visit Japan?? Japan is the country with four distinct seasons, which means the best visiting time is more likely depending on what you wanna do or see! Beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, beach resorts in summer, warm coloured leaves in autumn and snow activities in winter, there are a plenty of things to do in each season in Japan! This is a brief introduction of things you can enjoy in each season in Japan! Let’s find out the best time to visit Japan for you!

Spring (March to May)

Let’s celebrate the new season coming with full blooming cherry blossoms and the warm & comfortable weather! Simply spring is a good time to visit Japan for the perfect climate and this is when the most tourists visit Japan.

During the cherry blossom season (late March to early April) is the busiest time for tourism in Japan. Moreover, the late April to early May is the Golden Week in Japan which is consecutive national holidays, and tourist spots, hotels and transportation tend to get very busy nationwide. If you wish to avoid busy period, it’s recommended to travel Japan in early March or mid May.

-average temperature in Tokyo 12~20 °C

-What to wear??: light coat/jacket, long sleeve top
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– Things to do in Japan in Spring:

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

This is the reason to visit Japan for many tourists and truly worth it. Yes, cherry blossoms are the country’s biggest attraction. Full blooming time is normally from end of March till early April for 7–10 days. Along with cherry blossoms, there are Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festivals) held across the country where visitors can enjoy delicious food and drinks, and special events. There are a lot of spots to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan, and Tokyo and Kyoto are two top visited cities for cherry blossom viewing.

Mt Fuji

Mt.Fuji with cherry blossoms

The great time of the year to enjoy Mt Fuji by visiting surrounded areas and trying some fun activities such as cycling, hiking, cruising and more. The Fuji Five Lakes area offers numbers of attractions for tourists with the glorious view of Mt Fuji.


Japanese strawberries are awesome. They are big, sweet, juicy and simply delightful. Try not only strawberry itself, but also phenomenal sweets made with strawberries during spring 🙂 Strawberry dessert buffets are held at many locations in Japan during the season. Strawberry picking is also a popular activity in spring, and many of them are located near Tokyo.

Spring Flowers


Spring is not only about cherry blossoms in Japan, but there are also numbers of gorgeous spring flowers that we shouldn’t miss such as Wisteria, NemophilaAzalea and Pink Moss !

More things to do in Japan in Spring:

Summer (June to August)

Japanese summer is very hot and humid.. some days could be uncomfortable to go out because of the extreme heat. But if you love hot weather and beaches, it’s a perfect season to have super fun! Also there are many events held across the country including fireworks festivals and Natsu Matsuri (traditional summer festivals).

Summer is generally high season in Japan as the summer school holiday usually starts from mid July to end of August. It tends to get busy everywhere especially beaches and amusement parks, and the prices of resorts and hotels go up during this period. In mid August is Obon holiday (5–7 days) which is the peak travel season in Japan. The low season is June which is also the rainy season in Japan. It may rain quite often, yet you’ll find much less crowds while travelling.

-average temperature in Tokyo 25~30 °C

-What to wear??: T-shirt, Shorts (light jumper at night and for air-con, hat for the strong sunshine)
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– Best things to do in Japan in Summer:


Beach in Japan

There are many beaches in Japan. The most popular beach destination in Japan is Okinawa islands where a lot of beach resorts are located. Even though you do not have time to visit tropical islands on south parts of Japan, there are many nice beaches nearby Tokyo too, such as Shonan area and Izu peninsula.

Summer Festivals

Traditional Japanese festivals are held across the country during summer, and it’s a top seasonal attraction. It’s a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture as well as the festive atmosphere. There are also several outdoor music festivals held in Japan during summer such as Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic.



Japanese summer can not be described without fireworks. Firework festivals are held almost every week at many locations in Japan during summer! If you are looking for a big one, go for Sumida River Firework Festival in Tokyo.

Shaved Ice

Sweet summer treats “Kakigori”(shaved ice in Japanese) fascinates us not only by the taste but its cute appearance. It’s a great way to beat the extremely hot Japanese summer!

More things to do in Japan in Summer:

Autumn (September to November)

One of the most amazing sights you can capture in Japan is colourful autumn leaves. If you avoid typhoon season at the beginning of Autumn (normally September), the weather is generally warm and dry, which is suitable for outdoor activities and enjoying the nature. Autumn is considered as the season for harvesting and eating in Japan, and there is even a term to describe it “Autumn Appetite” . There are numbers of food events held across the country during autumn which may attracts foodie travellers.

End of September is the Silver Week, which is consecutive national holidays (usually shorter than the Golden Week). Popular sightseeing spots get busy as well as he prices of accommodation can go up.

– average temperature in Tokyo 12~20 °C

-What to wear??: light coat/jacket, long sleeve top
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– Things to do in Japan in Autumn:

Autumn leaves

Autumn is the second most popular season in Japan after spring. Simply the best time to visit Japanese mountains with the fantastic view of colourful autumn leaves. Autumn leaves are great to enjoy in nature and also historical buildings such as in Kyoto. There are also numbers of spots to see them in Tokyo.



Halloween in Japan is now one of the biggest annual events of the year. Numbers of special events are held across the country through October including special attractions at Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disney Resort!


Together with spring, autumn is the most pleasant and comfortable time of the year as the climate is mild, making it the great time to enjoy nature. In Japan, autumn is a popular season for hiking and doing other outdoor activities such as sports, camping, etc.

Be a Foodie

Autumn is the season for “being gourmet” in Japan as it’s a harvest time. Try these autumn sweets which collaborate with autumn flavours such as sweet potato and pumpkin. There are also numbers of food events held across the country, featuring numbers of vendors selling delicious dishes such as ramen, wagyu beef and regional dishes.

More things to do in Japan in Autumn:

Winter (December to February)

Japanese winter is cold and dry. It’s the most popular season for outdoor activities in Japan such as skiing and snowboarding! Another amazing way to enjoy snowy Japanese winter is snow festivals which often held in northern part of Japan during winter. Also winter illumination events are held across the country. Japanese winter will never let you down.

The New Year Holiday is usually set from end of December to beginning of January. While many people spend the holiday by visiting families, many tourists sites and accommodation could be crowded, too. Also there are some irregular opening hours at many facilities.

-average temperature in Tokyo 3~10 °C

-What to wear??: Warm coat, scarfs, gloves, boots
More info ▷ What to Wear in Japan in Winter

– Things to do in Japan in Winter:


Japan is actually a winter sports paradise with a lot of ski resorts on snowy mountains with great views and the quality powder snow!! Hokkaido and Nagano prefectures are greatly known by skiers and snowboarders all over the world!! Also there are several great ski resorts where you can access from Tokyo within a few hours!

Winter Illuminations

Winter illuminations have become one of the biggest attractions in the country, and numbers of events are held during winter. It’s time that the cities transform into winter wonderland with lots of lights and colours.

Snow Festivals

Sapporo Snow Festival

Snow festivals are something very traditional and special about Japanese winter. Especially in the northern part of Japan, there will be numbers of snow events held during winter including Sapporo Snow Festival which features spectacular snow and ice sculptures, and attracts over 2 million visitors.


Another Japanese specialty, Hot spring “Onsen” bath will simply chill you out. As the temperatures are dropping down during autumn, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the hot Onsen bath. There are hundreds of Onsen spots across the country and some of them can be accessed from Tokyo easily for a day.


It’s the best time to taste fresh seafood. Visit fish markets such as Tsukiji in Tokyo or Hakodate in Hokkaido to taste the best seafood products. Crab is the most popular seafood products during winter!

More things to do in Japan in Winter:

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So, which season do you think is the best to visit Japan?? Plan wisely when to visit Japan as each season offers beautiful things and sights to see! For more travel ideas, please check out my other articles listed below, too!

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