Bus Guide between Tokyo and Narita Airport

How to move between Narita Airport and Tokyo by bus

Bus Guide between Tokyo and Narita Airport

Narita International Airport is the main gateway to Japan. Every year thousands of tourists land at Narita and start their journey from there. And the first stop of the trip is the city of Tokyo. Narita airport is far from the center of Tokyo, about an hour’s drive away.

There are different ways to move between Narita and Tokyo, from express trains, private transport or bus. If you want a comparison between the different means of transport to see which one best suits your needs and preferences, you can check this complete article with all the necessary information:

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If you have already decided that you want the bus option, but you are looking for more information, this article is a bus guide between Narita Airport and Tokyo.

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Buses from Narita to Tokyo

There are two buses that offer the Narita Airport – Tokyo route, Airport Limousine Bus and Narita Airport Shuttle Bus. Airport Limousine Bus is the most popular, but although not many people know it, Narita Airport Shuttle Bus is cheaper. So if you are looking to save money, this is your option. On the other hand Airport Limousine Bus offers more routes and comfort.

Narita Airport Limousine Bus

Airport Limousine Bus

Although the name is Airport Limousine Bus, it’s a fairly normal bus (slightly larger and more comfortable than a regular bus). The ticket costs 3,100 yen for adults or 1,550 yen for children, making it even more expensive than the fast train.

Despite its price, the major competitive advantage of Airport Limousine Bus is that it stops at major hotels in Tokyo, and offers a variety of routes to different areas of the city. This is why many travelers choose this option, as it’s worth the price because it saves you time and hassle.

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Narita Airport Shuttle Bus

The Narita Airport Shuttle Bus is operated by Willer Express,  a Japanese bus company that offers very competitive prices for trips between different cities in Japan. The ticket cost 1,500 yen (1,900 yen if you buy it the same day), half the cost of Limousine Bus. But unlike this one, it only makes one stop and that is in Ikebukuro. From there, you would then have to take the train or subway to your hotel. So it’s a very good option if your hotel is in Ikebukuro, but loses to its competitor or the train option if your hotel is in another part of the city.

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Where to Buy Tickets for the Bus Narita-Tokyo

Bus Narita Airport

Bus tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the counter upon arrival. There are different ticket offices in the airport terminals, both in the south wing and in the north wing. They are easily located as they are just outside the arrival lobby, and are signposted.

However, it’s highly recommended to buy them online in advance. The bus has fewer seats than the train, and especially in high tourist season, you run the risk of being sold out and having to wait for one that is available. In addition, the process is much faster as you only have to exchange your tickets online at the ticket office.

Where to Take the Bus

Narita Airport Limousine Bus

The exact location will depend on your bus (which company and where you are going), but basically you just have to go outside (the door is next to the ticket booth) and look for the stop number you have been told. When you buy/check your tickets, the staff will tell you which direction your bus stop is facing (left, right, etc).

About 5-10 minutes before the time marked on the ticket, company staff will arrive on site to check the bus tickets. Once the bus arrives, if you have luggage you can leave it in the designated luggage area (the trunk of the bus) and then board the bus. The seats are numbered, so you have to find your seat and sit down. It’s important not to forget to wear your seat belt. And that’s it. Then you can just relax in your seat and wait to get to your destination.

Bus or Train: Which One is Better?

Which option is better will depend on your preferences. The train is the fastest option, but also one of the most pricey. Although the Airport Limousine Bus is more expensive than the most popular express train, the Skyliner.

The biggest advantage of the bus over the train is the convenience. It leaves you from the airport to the door of your hotel, and also you don’t have to carry luggage, since you leave them in the trunk of the bus until you reach your destination (with the train you have to carry the luggage along the train tracks, leave the station, get to the hotel, etc.). In the other hand the disadvantage of the bus is that you may be delayed if there is traffic, and more than an hour depending on the destination.

If you want to compare whether it’s better to take the train or bus depending on where your hotel is, these articles are a guide on how to move between Narita Airport and the following locations:

▶︎ Shinjuku 

▶︎ Shibuya

▶︎ Ginza

▶︎ Asakusa

▶︎ Ueno

▶︎ Disneyland and DisneySea

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