Digital Nomad Visa in Japan

Japan for Digital Nomads: Stay, Work, Explore

Digital Nomad Visa in Japan

The global situation between 2020-2022 brought with it a new working model that many companies have started to implement on a permanent basis: remote working. And with it, new possibilities have opened up. A digital nomad is someone who uses their laptop and the internet to work from wherever they please, whether it’s a beachside cafe or a cozy mountain cabin. They have the freedom to travel while still earning a living, making their office wherever they have a Wi-Fi connection.

The digital nomad lifestyle is about working remotely using technology while traveling around the world. Instead of being tied to a desk in an office, people work from wherever they want, like cafes or even beaches. It’s all about flexibility and having a good internet connection. Digital nomads are like a big global community, seeking both work and fun on their own terms.

More and more countries have opened up and made it easier for these digital workers, creating specific visas for them. And finally Japan has taken the step to join this trend and create a special permission for digital nomads.

Japanese Digital Nomad Permission

In response to the rising trend of digital nomadism, the Japanese government has introduced a new permission system specifically tailored for these remote workers. Under the “Specific Activity” visa, digital nomads can enjoy a stay of up to six months in Japan, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience the country’s culture while continuing their professional pursuits. This initiative aims to attract skilled individuals, promote cultural exchange, and boost local economies. and make these changes by the end of March.

The new system is designed for individuals involved in paid work with foreign companies. To be eligible, you must:

1. Hold nationality from countries or regions with tax agreements with Japan and be visa-exempt.

2. Earn an annual income of over 10 million yen.

3. Have private health insurance coverage.

Currently, there is no residence system specifically for digital nomads, and they need to stay under the “short-term stay” qualification, which allows them to stay for a maximum of 90 days without work approval. The business community has been requesting a dedicated qualification, and the government introduced this new system as part of its “Grand Design and Implementation Plan for the New Capitalism” in June 2023, aiming for implementation within the same fiscal year.

Eligible Countries and Regions:

To be eligible for the Japanese Digital Nomad Permission, individuals must meet certain criteria, including visa exemption, nationality from countries or regions with tax treaties with Japan, an annual income exceeding 10 million yen, and enrollment in private health insurance. As of now, 49 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, fall under the eligibility criteria. This inclusive approach welcomes diverse talent and fosters a global exchange of skills and ideas.

3 Must-do for living in Japan

If you meet these requirements, or hope to meet them in the future, and have always wanted to experience living in Japan, this is a unique opportunity. But before moving to Japan, it’s important to prepare a few things in advance.

In this article we will like to focus in three key things: apartments for rent, internet and transportation. These steps will help make your transition smoother and ensure you’re ready for life in this vibrant country.

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1. Renting a house

When moving to a new country, one of the first steps is finding an apartment. This is a crucial aspect of settling in and feeling at home in your new surroundings. Especially for digital nomads, since your home is your office (and it’s not every day you can work outside in a cafe).

Although Japan has many positive aspects, when it comes to renting apartments for foreigners it is not the best country. There are still certain prejudices when it comes to renting to foreigners, especially if it is for short stays and they don’t speak Japanese.

Fortunately, there are some real estate agencies that understand this problem and specialize in helping foreigners in Japan to rent an apartment.

Recommended real estate agencies:

Living Japan
Living Japan

Living Japan is a company dedicated to providing English support to foreigners who want to rent an apartment in Japan. One of the biggest problems with renting an apartment in Japan is that even if you have a high level of Japanese or have a Japanese partner or friend, many owners do not want to rent to foreigners due to bad experiences in the past with payment.

Therefore, the possibilities are smaller (you have fewer apartments or companies that accept foreigners). Sometimes the agent takes you to see a house and when he decides to keep it, the owner rejects your offer because he is a foreigner. In Living Japan all selected properties are foreigner-friendly so you don’t have to worry about that.

On their website, you will find new or renovated apartments in the most popular and convenient neighborhoods of Tokyo to live in with photographs of all the apartments, as well as a description of what is included. You can also request a tour of the apartment or ask for availability from the same website, and you can even contact them by Line, so it is not necessary to have a Japanese phone number. This allows you to save time in traveling to the area and looking for local agents, and you can also compare prices in different areas if you have not yet decided which one you want to live in without having to go there.

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For more information about rent an apartment in Japan:

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2. Having internet

One of the most important things for a digital nomad is without a doubt to have a good, fast and reliable internet connection.

Most rental houses come without utilities such as electricity, water or internet, and you have to be the one to get your own provider and make a contract. Leaving aside the language barrier, as internet companies in Japan only work in Japanese, the second problem is the duration of the contract: contracts must be for a minimum of one year, and the digital visa is for 6 months. Therefore it’s possible that many providers will directly reject your request. But don’t worry, there is a perfect solution for these cases: a pocket wifi.

A pocket wifi covers two problems in one: having internet at home to be able to work, and having internet on your cell phone when you go out. So instead of having to make a contract for the home and another for the phone, you have it all in one. Plus, if you want to travel or work away from home, you simply take the device with you. No strings attached.

Best Internet Provider: Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless
Japan Wireless

Our partner company Japan Wireless, specialized in pocket WiFi, offers unlimited wifi for short and long term rental. They also offer SIM cards and eSIM for those who prefer it. With over 800,000 rentals to customers from all over the world and a 97% of satisfaction rate, is one of the favorites and trusted for foreign customers.

With Japan Wireless you can use the 4G Internet without data limitation, and it offers an extra mobile battery for free so you don’t need to worry if you are traveling our outside the house. If you have any problem or doubt, their customer service is available in English every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

Special Offer: all orders with Japan Wireless are 20% discounted using this coupon code!

Coupon Code: JPW001

Get the best deal right now here!

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3. Transportation in Japan

When you think of Japan, one of the first things that comes to mind are high-speed trains and subways. This is undoubtedly a reality of the country, and in cities like Tokyo or Osaka the train is the best method of transportation.

But if you prefer to live in a quieter and more rural area, the bus will be the protagonist. Even in a big city like Kyoto, the main transportation is the bus. To travel from one city to another, Japan bullet trains, aka shinkansen, are the best option in terms of quality and time.

One of the positive things about being a digital nomad, and why more and more people like this way of working, is that it allows you to travel and visit different countries while working. Having the opportunity to live 6 months in Japan but not exploring the country would be a big waste.

Japan Bullet Train

Japan Bullet Train
Japan Bullet Train

Japan Bullet Train is a new service launched by our partner company, which offers bullet train and express train tickets in Japan for tourists. All the service is in English (and 3 other languages), including customer service. They accept payments with all major credit cards, and the process is very easy and simple, especially compared to Japanese websites.

After your purchase, once your ticket is confirmed you will receive a QR code. You simply have to scan this QR code in the vending machines available at the main stations from where the bullet train departs and you will get your physical ticket, with which you can access the platform. All from the comfort of your smartphone.

▶︎Book now your Shinkansen tickets!

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From Tokyo to Popular Destinations

Most of foreigners living in Japan reside in Tokyo. If that will be your city of choice, and you are looking for 1-2 day trips to spend your days off, here you have a few complete guides about how to arribe from Tokyo to some of the most touristic destinations.

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In summary, the rise of remote work has led to the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle, prompting Japan to introduce the Japanese Digital Nomad Permission. Before making the move, it’s essential to arrange accommodation, ensure internet access, and understand transportation options. By addressing these key aspects, digital nomads can fully enjoy their time in Japan while balancing work and exploration.

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Thanks for reading this far! I hope it has been helpful 🙂 For more tips and information about living in Japan, you have these articles too.

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