Shopping is one of the best parts of trips to Japan, and you may wonder what and where to buy in the country. There are Japanese unique stores originated in Japan you should miss, however, some of them are less known by foreign people. Don Quijote: the discount store offering a variety produces from cosmetics and medicines to snacks and housewares at a discounted price. MUJI: the retail store which sells stylish clothes, furniture and consumer items. Starbucks Japan: the world-famous chain cafes but provide Japan limited food, drinks, tumblers and mugs. Daiso: one of the most popular 100 yen shops in Japan stock useful products for just 100 yen. This is the shopping guide to trendy popular stores in Japan.


Starbucks Japan Autumn Tumblers and Mugs 2022
Starbucks Japan Autumn Marron Beverage 2022
Starbucks JIMOTO Frappuccino from Yamanashi, Ishikawa and Okinawa
Starbucks Japan Summer Cups and Tumblers 2022
Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo Sakura Collection 2022

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10 Must-Buy Items at Don Quijote in Japan!
Don Quijote Shibuya: Shop All You Need at SHIBUYA MEGA DONKI!!

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What to Buy at MUJI in Japan
5 Must-Buy Beauty Products at MUJI
10 Best Products to Buy at MUJI

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10 Best Beauty Products at DAISO
10 Best Things to Buy at DAISO
10 Super Valuable and Useful Items from DAISO

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