Starbucks Japan Mother’s Day Collection 2024

Celebrate Mother's Day with Starbucks Japan's Seasonal Merchandise Collection

Starbucks Japan celebrates seasonal events with their limited-edition merchandise collections and beverages throughout the year, featuring seasonal themes and flavours such as cherry blossoms, Halloween and Christmas.

Like many other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated widely in Japan by giving gifts and expressing love and gratitude to mothers. The official date for Mother’s Day in Japan is the second Sunday of May, and giving carnations is the most common way to celebrate that day.

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-Mother’s Day Collection

This year, Starbucks Japan will join the celebration with their exclusive Mother’s Day Collection, featuring the cute and heart-warming illustration of carnations and a parent and child elephant. The collection includes a mug, a colour-changing heart-resistant glass mug, message cards with a drink gift.

If you are searching for a great gift for Mother’s Day this year, Starbucks Japan Mother’s Day Collection could be a wonderful choice! The collection is available from 17 April 2024 at Starbucks stores nationwide and the online store.

Left to Right:

Elephant Carnation Mug 355ml 2,400 yen
Elephant Carnation Glass Mug 355ml 2,600 yen

Left to Right:

Elephant Carnation Balloon Message Gift 1,230 yen
Elephant Carnation Bearista Message Gift 1,600 yen
Elephant Carnation Beverage Card 750 yen

-Seaside Getaway Collection

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In addition to the Mother’s Day Collection, Starbucks Japan is introducing a new seasonal merchandise for early summer from mid April. The Seaside Getaway Collection features a range of drinkware with a summery design inspired by seaside vacation, bringing us a sense of early summer.

Left to Right:

Seaside Stainless Bottle 355ml 4,000 yen
Seaside Stainless Bottle 473ml 4,400 yen
Dolphin Stainless Bottle 473ml 4,450 yen

Left to Right:

Seaside Water-in Tumbler 473ml 2,700 yen
Sand Cold Cup Tumbler 710 ml 4,100 yen
Seaside Mug 414ml 2,500 yen
Dolphin Mug 355ml 3,250 yen

Left to Right:

Bearista Silicon Lid 1,800 yen
Seaside Beverage Card 750 yen
Seaside Starbucks Mini Cup Gift 1,150 yen

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