JAPANESE Souvenir “OMIYAGE” List 2018

Best Souvenirs from Japan in 2018!

Hello 2018! Looking for new idea for souvenir shopping in Japan?? Following the list of 2016-2017, here is an up-dated list of must-buy souvenir gifts in Japan 2018!

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1. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo’s most popular souvenir sweets, Tokyo Banana has got all things we are looking for.. cute, delicious and photogenic. And recently Tokyo Banana has been collaborating with several other things such as Tokyo Banana Kitkat and Tokyo Banana Panda. We can’t wait to see more of limited versions this year!
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2. Eye Drops

Medical products are becoming hugely popular among foreign visitors and drugstores are one of most places to shop. Eye Drops are kind of an essential item for modern people today who spend a lot of time in front of computers or smartphones. Japanese eye drops are absolutely great value for money, and you can find many kinds depending on symptoms.
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3. Starbucks Tumbler

©2017 Starbucks Coffee Company.

Starbucks Japan’s limited collection has always been popular and it’s very special because they are only available at certain season and places. And it’s a big competition to get popular items such as Cherry Blossom tumblers and mugs as they are tend to be sold out instantly. The regional goods are also popular which are available in major tourist cities such as Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Hiroshima, etc, and goods are featured with special designs of each region. 
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4. Inexpensive Beauty Products

Japanese cosmetics are now must buy items for every female visitors, as many kinds of beauty products can be found with a huge price range. Some of inexpensive cosmetic brands like CANMAKE, Kate and CEZANNE offers trendy and useful make-up and skincare items at surprisingly cheap price, and most of them can be found at drugstores in Japan easily.
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5. Onsen Powder

Do you like Onsen? Then why not to take it home! Onsen powder (Nyuyokuzai) is a common item for Japanese people as they bathe at home a lot. Many of them have special efficacy such as relaxing with aromatic flavour or healing muscle pain. Usually, they can be found at drugstores, variety stores or souvenir shops, and one sachet should cost 1~2$.

6. Trainers

Shopping fashion items in Japan, especially in Tokyo is a great fun, but in case you are not that into fashion or have a trouble with fitting in Japanese sized clothes, go for trainer hunting! A lots of trainers are sold in Japan with limited editions from Japanese trainer brands such as Onitsuka Tiger and Mizuno to international brands like Converse, Vans and Adidas. Moreover, some of discounted shoe shops like ABC Mart offers great bargain prices. 
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7. Matcha Snacks

Shopping Japanese snacks is quite entertaining since the product range is huge, but if you are not sure which ones to get, go for Matcha flavours. Matcha is one of most popular things in Japan and now a lot of products are sold in Matcha flavours from popular sweets like Pocky and KitKat to unique items like Cup Noodle and Potato Chips. Super markets and discount stores are best places to shop!
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