What is Hanko?? -The Coolest Thing to Buy in Japan

Get your original personal seal “Hanko” in Japan!

In Japan, people usually do not use their signature on documents, but use their personal stamps called “Hanko” or “Inkan”. It’s a personal seal and almost every Japanese person has his/her own stamp with a family name in Kanji letter.

Kanji letters (Chinese letters) are one of the most unique and fascinating things about Japan. Those who use alphabets in their country might envy Japanese for their cool looking Kanji letters and their Hanko stamp seemingly attracts foreigners, because it’s very unique and original.

Nowadays, Hanko stamps with foreign names in Kanji letter are sold quite commonly in Japan and there are even Hanko vending machines! Or many Hanko shops offer foreigners to create their own Hanko stamp as souvenirs. They will provide your name in alphabet letters into Japanese, pick Kanji letters and make your very own Hanko stamp with various fonts and designs available.

Of course, if you do live in Japan, you should have one of them, but even for those who don’t, it’s becoming one of the most popular things to purchase in Japan for memories.

How about getting one for yourself with your original design or curving one by yourself? Here are recommended activities of Hanko in Japan:

Tokyo: Enjoy handmade Hanko seal experience in Kamakura!

Osaka: Craft your own Japanese Stone Seal

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