TOKYO BANANA: Must-Buy Souvenir from Tokyo

The best selling souvenir from Tokyo, TOKYO BANANA’s sweetest line-up

Have you heard of TOKYO BANANA (東京ばな奈) ? It’s a fluffy little banana shaped sponge cake filled with banana flavoured custard cream. It’s delicious, handy and extremely cute, which makes TOKYO BANANA one of the most popular souvenirs from Tokyo today.

The products can be found at most of souvenir shops in major stations and airports in Tokyo, moreover they start being sold at many other cities in Japan! Also TOKYO BANANA is available with many different flavours and shapes, and some of them are only available at limited locations or for limited time.

Today, I’m going to introduce the current lineup of TOKYO BANANA, and they are highly recommended to take home as souvenir!

TOKYO BANANA (Original Flavor)

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TOKYO BANANA Original Flavour was first released in 1991, and now it’s become one of the most beloved sweets in Japan. The light and fluffy banana shaped sponge cake with banana custard cream filling is simply delightful and a perfect treat to bring back home! The limited-edition package is exclusively available at Tokyo Station.

Value Pack 270 yen (2pc), 540 yen (4pc)
Gift Box 1,078 yen (8pc), 1,620 yen (12pc), 2,160 yen (16pc)


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TOKYO BANANA RACCO Coffee Milk Flavor was released in 2018, featuring the design of a floating sea otter (Racco in Japanese) holding a bottle of coffee milk. The cake is filled with banana and milk coffee flavour.

Gift Box 560 yen (4pc), 1,080 yen (8pc), 1,620 yen (12pc)


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The dream collaboration has come true! TOKYO BANANA X KITKAT Banana Flavour features cream with the distinctive banana flavour between the crunchy waffles covered by milk chocolate. Each chocolate bar comes with a cute banana print.

Price: 702 yen (8pc), 1,296 yen (15 pc)


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TOKYO BANANA RAISIN SANDWICH is served with raisins and rich white chocolate cream with banana flavour filled between two banana shaped cookies.

Gift Box 1,188 yen (8pc)


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TOKYO BANANA COOKIE SANDWICH is a new product that was released in late 2019. The oversized milky banana chocolate is sandwiched between two light and delicate langue de chat cookies with a cute banana print.

Price: 885 yen (12pc), 1,155 yen (16pc), 1,728 yen (24pc)


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TOKYO BANANA PANDA was first released in 2017, celebrating a debut of a baby Panda “Xiang Xiang” at Ueno Zoo. Adorable face of Panda is printed on banana shaped cake and banana yogurt flavoured cream is filled inside.

Value Pack 515 yen (4pc)
Gift Box 1,080 yen (8pc), 1,595 yen (12pc)

TOKYO BANANA Honey Flavor (Exclusive at Haneda Airport)

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TOKYO BANANA HONEY FLAVOUR is exclusively sold at Haneda Airport. The sponge cake with an adorable cuddly bear print is filled with banana custard cream and a hint of honey.

Price: 560 yen (4pc), 1,080 yen (8pc), 1,620 yen (12pc)

TOKYO BANANA CASTELLA CAKE (Exclusive at Haneda Airport)

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Another Haneda Airport exclusive product, TOKYO BANANA CASTELLA CAKE MAPLE FLAVOUR is a banana shaped castella cake with crystal maple suger and a hit of banana flavour.

Price: 702 yen (4pc), 1,188 yen (8pc), 1,782 yen (12pc)


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TOKYO BANANA BANANA CHEESE CAKE is moist and creamy, layered baked cheese cake filled with banana confiture inside. Recommended to serve cold in summer time!

Price: 560 yen (4pc), 1,080 yen (8pc)



TOKYO BANANA ALMOND CARAMEL SANDWICH COOKIES debut as the brand’s first vegan sweets, containing only plant-based ingredients for everyone to enjoy. Almond caramel with a hint of banana aroma is wrapped in crispy Hokkaido-produced Kitahonami-wheat-based cookies.

Price: 680 yen (4pc), 1,296 yen (8pc)


TOKYO BANANA PIE is a crunchy cookie made with layers of puff pastry, offering a rich flavour of butter and a hint of banana.

Price: 1,080 yen (15pc)


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TOKYO BANANA collaborates with one of the most beloved character in the world, Pikachu! POKEMON TOKYO BANANA is soft, banan-shaped sponge cake with 6 different faces of Pikachu printed, and filled with banana custard cream. The product was released in November 2020, and sold exclusively at Tokyo Station and 7-Eleven stores across Japan.

Price: 291 (2pc), 1,188 yen (8pc)

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In late 2019, a new souvenir store Disney SWEETS COLLECTION by TOKYO BANANA has opened in Tokyo Station, offering exclusive treats in collaboration between adorable Disney characters and delicious TOKYO BANANA sweets. MICKEY MOUSE PANCAKE SANDWICH available with two flavours: Banana Milk and Caramel Almond.

Price: 1,080 yen (4pc), 1,382 yen (6pc), 2,160 yen (10pc)


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In late 2020,  a new sweets is added to Disney SWEETS COLLECTION by TOKYO BANANA, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the release of the movie “Fantasia”, one of the great Disney masterpieces of all time. The banana shaped sponge cake is filled with chocolate banana custard cream and printed with the cute and dreamy Fantasia-inspired design. The product will be available from 15 December 2020 till around May 2021 at several locations including Tokyo Station, Ueno Station, Omiya Station and Haneda Airport.

Price: 1,300 yen (8pc)

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Thanks for reading! How did you like my list of the best TOKYO BANANA line-up for 2021? Which TOKYO BANANA product do you wanna try most??

If you are considering to buy something special for souvenirs while travelling in Tokyo, TOKYO BANANA is one of the most recommended items 🙂

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