POKEMON TOKYO BANANA: Tokyo Banana is now Collaborating with Pokemon!

Pokemon & TOKYO BANANA they bring the most adorable collection!

Tokyo Banana Pokemon

Some of you may already know TOKYO BANANA(東京ばな奈), but for those who don’t TOKYO BANANA is a Tokyo-based sweet company that sells one of the most famous souvenirs in Tokyo. The company offers more than 20 different sweets but it’s famous for its flagship product, called “Tokyo Banana”. A fluffy banana shaped sponge cake filled with banana flavoured custard cream which is their best-selling sweet.

Although there is an original version and flavor (banana cream), TOKYO BANANA is available in many different flavors and shapes, such as coffee milk flavour or leopard print. And now they just released a special collaboration with Pokemon!

Pokemon Tokyo Banana
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Pokemon Tokyo Banana made its first release on November 21 exclusively and in limited quantities at 7-ELEVEN convenience stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures, and then it was released on different dates in other prefectures until a total of 4 launches(November 28, December 5 and 12).

There are six different bag models, with Pikachu striking a different pose on each model. And inside the fluffy cakes also have different Pikachu models!

Each cake comes in an individual bag that is designed to look like a Poke Ball. On this occasion, the cakes will be filled with the TOKYO BANANA original banana flavoured custard cream.

If you missed the release in your prefecture don’t worry because on December 10, Pokemon Tokyo Banana will open a stand at JR’s Tokyo Station inside Hanagataya(1F South Passage). And it will also be available in the other Tokyo Banana stores in Tokyo (Ueno, Shinagawa, Daimaru Tokyo Store, Tokyo Soramachi, etc).

!! Latest News !!

It has just been announced that there will be a second product in the Tokyo Banana collaboration line with Pokemon. And it’s adorable! Evee joins Pikachu in this collection.

This time is a delicious chocolate sponge cake shell banana custard cream filling with additional caramel macchiato flavour.

It will go on sale on January 2 at Seven Eleven in the country and there will be a limited quantity. The release date is different depending on the prefecture. Check when it comes out in your area below!

  • January 2 (Saturday)
    Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
  • January 16 (Saturday)
    Hokkaido, Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Akita prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture
  • January 23 (Saturday)
    Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kochi prefecture
  • January 30 (Saturday)
    Osaka prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Oita prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture


If you want to make an original gift, or treat yourself, Pokemon Tokyo Banana is the ideal option for Pokemon fans! Adorable and delicious😍😋

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