Learn traditional Japanese wrapping

Have you heard of FUROSHIKI (風呂敷)?? It’s traditional Japanese wrapping cloth commonly used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods, and accordingly it has been used since Nara period (710~). It’s a square piece of cloth, common size of 45cm X 45cm. It’s also now one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan, not only the convenience matter but furoshiki is simply beautiful to look at.

Furoshiki is extremely flexible and useful and one can be a various type of bag or wrapping. There are various ways to fold Furoshiki depending on what to carry or wrap. In recent years, it has seen a renewed interest as environmental protection and a substitution of plastic bags or paper bags, which is strongly related to the Japanese sense of “mottainai” (regret concerning waste).

▼Let’s check out the most common 14 ways to use Furoshiki!▼

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