Anime and Manga Events in Tokyo for Otaku 2020

Otaku events in Tokyo in 2020 from market events to exhibitions

Manga One Piece, Dragon Ball and Akira

Tokyo, one of the hottest cities to travel in the world, has attracted numerous international tourists recently. They visit Tokyo for not only Japanese food, historical sites, traditional culture and technology but also a variety of unique events. There are countless events held in Tokyo a year, and above all, events that are related to the Otaku culture including anime, manga, video games and idols (pop singer groups) have got more attention from overseas.

Today, I’d like to introduce the list of popular events with the theme of Japanese pop culture such as anime, manga, idols and video games in Tokyo 2020. For all Otaku people all over the world, here are information about from anime exhibitions and manga market events to character-themed cafes opened in Tokyo in 2020 when the Summer Olympics is hosted by Tokyo.  Don’t miss the chance to enjoy anime and manga events that you are interested in in Tokyo 2020.

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Frozen 2 Cafe

Date: 15 November 2019 to 13 January 2020

Ghibli Museum Exhibition: Sketch, Flash, Spark! -From the Ghibli Forest Sketchbook

Date: 16 November 2019 to May 2021

Takashi Murakami “Superflat Doraemon” Exhibition

Date: 19 November 2019 to 25 January 2020


Date: 3rh January, 2020 (The cosplay event acosta! in Ikebukuro is held almost once a month.)

Official Website:


Date: 21 January to 15 March 2020 (This is the season when Sweets Paradise Ikebukuro in Tokyo is open, and it depends on the locations.)


Date: 8th February to 24th April, 2020

AnimeJapan 2020

Date: 21st and 24th March, 2020

NOTE: AnimeJapan 2020 has been decided to cancel this year to prevent the spread the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Detective Conan Cafe 2020

Date: from 25th March, 2020

Comic Market (Comiket) 98

Date: 2nd to 5th May, 2020

Official Website:

Sanrio Museum Exhibition

Date: Summer 2020

Tokyo Game Show 2019 (TGS 2019)

Date: 24th to 27th September, 2020

Cosplay Fest TDC

Date: October, 2020

Official Website (last year):

Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival

Date: October, 2020

Tokyo Comic Con

Date: November, 2020

Official Website:

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

21 November 2020 to 7 February 2021

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Some of these anime and manga events are held annually, but others are only available in the limited time in 2020. Major events such as Anime Japan and Comic Market has been held for many times, and a great number of domestic and international Otaku look forward to the dreamy events every year. If you visit Tokyo in 2020, let’s find your favorite anime, manga, video game and idol events in this year!!

For beginners to visit Tokyo, it’s highly recommended to join this Anime & Games Tour in the mecca of Otaku in Tokyo: Akihabara. There are lots of shops, cafes and theaters related to Japanese pop culture. Stroll around the must-visit Otaku spots with a friendly guide!

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