Best New Hotels in Tokyo 2020

New Hotels to be opened in Tokyo 2020

Mitsui Garden Hotel Roppongi Lobby

As we approach the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (which are postponed to 2021), many new businesses are opening within the city. Hotels are no exception and you can find many new Tokyo hotels that opened/will open in 2020.

I have made a list of 7 of the best new hotels in Tokyo 2020. Hopefully, you’ll find one that interests you for when you stay in Tokyo.

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1. Mitsui Garden Hotel Roppongi Tokyo Premier

Mitsui Garden Hotel Roppongi room view
©Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Roppongi Tokyo Premier (三井ガーデンホテル六本木プレミア) is the latest branch of the Mitsui Garden Hotels which is located just 5 minutes away from Roppongi Subway Station.

The hotel just opened in January of 2020 and it has already received high ratings on Agoda’s web page.

The hotel has a restaurant on the 14th floor where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Tokyo as you dine. There’s also a fitness room to exercise and keep in shape after trying out the exquisite food that Japan has to offer.

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2. Q Stay and Lounge Ueno

Q stay and lounge room view
Copyright © LS Corp.

Q Stay and Lounge Ueno is a hostel that just opened in February 2020 in Ueno. This hostel is very particular about its aesthetics and you will notice it as soon as you step in from the front entrance.

The concept of this hostel is to create a space where art, culture, technology, and the local atmosphere can mix in a pleasant way so that the visitors can have a unique experience.

The hostel has a cafe/lounge where you can have a drink as you socialize with guests from all around the world. They even have a large screen where you can do live chats with people in other countries.

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▶Q Stay and Lounge Ueno: New Art Hostel in Tokyo

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3. Aloft Tokyo Ginza

Aloft entrance
© 1996 – 2020 Marriott International, Inc.

Aloft Tokyo Ginza (アロフト東京銀座) is a hotel located in the Ginza area from the Marriott group.

The first attractive point about the hotel is, without a doubt, its location. If you love shopping for high-brand products and are planning on going to the best quality restaurants, then Ginza is your place, and this hotel is located just there.

The hotel offers a restaurant, a bar, a 24/7 pantry, and a 24/7 fitness room.

Aloft Tokyo Ginza, opening in October 2020 and the

4. Mesm Tokyo

Mezm room view
Copyright © mesm Tokyo.

Mesm Tokyo (メズム東京)  is a high-end luxury hotel that will open in Hamamatsucho.

The concept of this hotel is to provide a unique experience to the visitor by putting the focus on the small details and stimulate the 5 senses. The aesthetics of the entire hotel will mesmerize you.

The restaurant specializes in “Edo-Mae” style cuisine that will provide you the best Tokyo foods, while the cafe/bar has a wide variety of original drinks that will stimulate your senses. The hotel also has a banquet room, a club lounge, and a fitness center.

Mesm Tokyo just opened in April 2020.

5. Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

Hotel Villa Fontaine room view
Copyright © Hotel Villa Fontaine

Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport (ヴィラフォンテーヌグランド羽田空港) is a new hotel that will open this year near Haneda Airport.

To put it short, this hotel has it all. It is connected directly to Haneda Airport and has a bus terminal that will take you to many places in the country. The hotel is also connected to a shopping mall with over 90 shops and 30 restaurants.

Also, the hotel has an outdoor Onsen where you can bathe while looking at the airplanes. If you’re lucky, you will also be able to see Mt. Fuji.

The opening of Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport, which was supposed to be open in Spring 2020, will be postponed due to the spread of COVID-19.

6. Sequence Miyashita Park

Sequence Miyashita Park from outside
© Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co.,Ltd.

Sequence Miyashita Park is a new hotel that will open this summer in the middle of Shibuya.

For those who don’t know, Miyashita Park is a Park in the middle of Shibuya that is going under huge remodeling and is planned to open also this summer, just before the Olympics start. This park is raised and located over what is planned to be a shopping mall.

At the end of this park is where the hotel is located, and that just means that you will have great access to everything Shibuya has to offer.

Sequence Miyashita Park just opened on August 2020.

7. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi room view
©Four Seasons Hotels Limited 1997-2020.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi (フォーシーズンズホテル東京大手町) is the newest Four Seasons Hotel that just opened in September 2020.

Likewise all Four Seasons Hotels, this hotel will also offer the best quality when it comes to customer service.

A roof-top restaurant where you can enjoy the great city view while eating, all the necessary amenities to assure a comfortable stay, and excellent access to the main touristic spots such as the Imperial Palace are just some of the appealing points of this hotel.

the closest train station is Otemachi station which is just a minute walking from the hotel. But Tokyo Station is also close, just being 10 minutes’ walking distance.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi will open in July 2020.

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