5 Best Things to Do at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station guide: eat, shop and be entertained

Tokyo station has been renovated in 2012 and attracting more visitors. It’s now one of the symbols of the city, the largest transportation hub in Tokyo and it’s where most trains terminate (over 3,000 daily)with over 15 platforms and 30 railways.

Tokyo station is the biggest station in Japan and often called “the most complicated station in the world”. The station consists not only transportation facilities but numbers of shops, restaurants, hotel and many kinds of service for visitors. It’s actually great place to spend a few hours during your journey.

Here are 5 greatest things to do at Tokyo Station 😉

1. Slurp up at Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Ramen Street is located at the basement of the station, where 8 different Ramen stores are lined up. It’s perfect place for Ramen lovers to fill their appetites before or after the journery!

Location: ”First Avenue Tokyo Station” B1F South Street

2. Souvenir Shopping at Tokyo Okashi Land

If you love Japanese sweets and snacks, Tokyo Okashi Land is the best place to visit. Greatest Japanese sweets companies such as Glico, Calbee, Morinaga are all located here, offering popular sweets like Pocky, Jagalico and Tokyo Banana as well as “Tokyo Station Only” limited items! One of best spots in Tokyo for souvenir shopping!

Location: ”First Avenue Tokyo Station” B1F South Street

3. Meet your Favourite Characters at Tokyo Character Street

At Tokyo Character Street, there are over 20 shops that are themed in different characters including Pokemon and Hello Kitty. Shops offers various character merchandise and some limited items.

Location: ”First Avenue Tokyo Station” B1F North Street

4. Pick a Bento at Matsuri

Matsuri is Ekiben shop in Tokyo station. Ekiben is bento boxes that are sold at stations and especially popular to take on board for train rides. At Matsuri, you can find hundreds kinds of bentos from all around Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

More info: Don’t Ride Shinkansen without EKIBEN!!

Location: B1F Chuo Street (inside the ticket gate)

5. Appreciate the Classic Architecture

The brick made building established in 1914, Tokyo Station is not only about inner attractions but the building itself is a great architecture. Head to Marunouchi Exit to see the great sights of Tokyo station. One of the best things to photograph in Tokyo!

Location: 1F Marunouchi Exit


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