13 Best Things to Do in Tokyo 2024

Travel guide for Tokyo: The Hottest Attractions for 2024

Best Things to Do in Tokyo 2024

Tokyo, a city that never stops evolving, is set to unveil an array of large new commercial and entertainment facilities in 2024, further enhancing its vibrant landscape.

In this article, we delve into the 13 best things to do in Tokyo in 2024, offering a curated guide that not only highlights these exciting new openings but also sheds light on the lesser-known yet equally captivating tourist attractions and events.

From cutting-edge urban developments to hidden gems, join us as we explore the multifaceted allure of Tokyo, ensuring that your 2024 visit is filled with unique and memorable experiences.

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1. Visit teamLab Borderless at Azabudai Hills

teamLab Borderless
© teamLab

The MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless (森ビル デジタルアート ミュージアム:エプソン チームラボボーダレス), one of Tokyo’s most celebrated tourist attractions, is set for a grand reopening on February 9, 2024, at its new location in Azabudai Hills.

Originally opened in Odaiba in June 2018, teamLab Borderless quickly garnered global fame, drawing over two million visitors in its first year and earning the title of the most visited single art museum in 2019.

Its innovative digital art displays, created by the renowned ultra-technology artists group teamLab, captivated audiences worldwide. The museum’s relocation to Azabudai Hills, a newly opened complex by Mori Building that integrates office spaces, residences, medical facilities, commercial areas, and an international school, offers a more central and accessible venue for art enthusiasts.

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More details about Azabudai Hills & DIGITAL ART MUSEUM:

▶Discover the NEWLY opended Azabudai Hills


2. Immerse yourself in the magical Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter

The Making of Harry Potter
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – Wizarding World publishing rights © J.K. Rowling.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter (ワーナー ブラザース スタジオツアー東京 – メイキング・オブ・ハリー・ポッター), opened on June 16, 2023, is a walk-through entertainment facility located at the former Toshimaen site, one of Tokyo’s oldest and most beloved theme parks.

This studio tour, the world’s second Harry Potter Studio Tour following London, offers a unique opportunity to step behind the scenes of the beloved “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” film series. Visitors can explore the fascinating world of movie production and experience numerous sets and interactive features exclusive to Tokyo, making it the largest indoor Harry Potter entertainment facility in the world.

This new attraction provides an in-depth look at the magical world and filmmaking secrets, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and newcomers alike.

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▶Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

▶How to Get Tickets for The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

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3. Enjoy the Action-packed Samurai Restaurant in Shinjuku

Samurai restaurant show

In Tokyo’s lively Shinjuku district, Samurai Restaurant, which opened in October 2023, offers a unique dining experience combining live samurai shows with Japanese cuisine.

Located in the Kabukicho area, known for its vibrant nightlife, the restaurant features dynamic performances including samurai sword fights, energetic dances, and even robots on stage. This immersive experience is enhanced with a variety of Japanese foods, drinks, and snacks, along with exclusive souvenirs.

Created by the team behind the renowned “Robot Restaurant,” Samurai Restaurant is a fusion of traditional culture and modern entertainment, epitomizing the energetic spirit of Tokyo.

▽More details about Samurai Restaurant▽

▶Samurai Restaurant to Open in Shinjuku in October 2023

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4. Order a deep-fried pork cutlet at Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka

Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka2
© 横綱とんかつ どすこい田中

Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka (横綱とんかつ どすこい田中), opened in 2022 in Tokyo’s Kikukawa, near Ryogoku Kokugikan and surrounded by sumo stables, is a unique tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) restaurant with a real sumo wrestling ring.

This “restaurant with a sumo ring” offers guests the chance to enjoy delicious tonkatsu while watching events regularly held on the ring. Renowned for serving mouth-watering tonkatsu that lives up to the restaurant’s impressive interior, their signature “Dosukoi” menu features a luxurious dish with two 200g cutlets.

This establishment provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience, combining sumo shows aimed primarily at international visitors with the indulgence of exquisite tonkatsu.

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5. Check out the latest addition to Shibuya development at Shibuya Sakura Stage

© Shibuya Sakura Stage

Shibuya Sakura Stage, a monumental complex completed on November 30, 2023, and set to open in phases, represents a harmonious blend of modernity, nature, and community in Tokyo.

Spanning approximately 16,970 square meters and with a total floor area of about 254,700 square meters, this new landmark near the revitalized Shibuya Station is more than a commercial hub; it’s a vibrant epicenter for interaction and experiences. This multifaceted space features various stages and terraces, each offering distinctive experiences.

It is set to become a new focal point in Tokyo, celebrating a fusion of urban life and natural beauty, culminating in a grand town-opening event in the summer of 2024.

▽More details about the Shibuya Sakura Stage▽

▶Shibuya Sakura Stage: Grand Opening Marks a Once-in-a-Century Redevelopment Milestone!

6. Fantasy Springs: The newest addition to Tokyo Disney Resort

Fantasy Springs

Fantasy Springs, set to grandly open on June 6, 2024, at Tokyo DisneySea, is an enchanting addition themed as “a world led by a magical spring of Disney fantasy”.

This new themed port comprises three areas inspired by Disney movies and includes the sixth Disney hotel in Japan, the “Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel”. The expansion introduces four new attractions, three restaurants, and a shop. Visitors can immerse themselves in the worlds of Disney’s beloved movies: the kingdom of Arendelle from “Frozen,” the adventurous realm of “Peter Pan,” and the enchanting setting of “Tangled.”

▽More details about Tokyo DisneySea▽

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7. Shopping and Onsen in the same place! The Senkyaku Banrai Facility


Set to open on February 1, 2024, next to Toyosu Market in Tokyo, the Senkyaku Banrai Facility (千客万来施設) is a commercial complex by Manyo Club.

This multi-faceted venue features a shopping area with around 200 stores, a 24-hour hot spring, and lodging facilities. It boasts a variety of dining and shopping options, emphasizing Toyosu’s fresh seafood. The hot spring area offers outdoor baths, saunas, and relaxation services like stone baths and massages, across multiple floors.

Additionally, two rooftop gardens with footbaths provide stunning views of Toyosu, blending modern amenities with a touch of old Edo’s charm.

▽More details about the Senkyaku Banrai Facility▽

▶Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai Facility to Open in February 2024

8. Check out the new commercial site at Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado


Slated to open in Spring 2024, the Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado (東急プラザ原宿 ハラカド) is a creative commercial facility emerging on the former site of “Condomania” at the Jingumae intersection in Harajuku.

This large complex, boasting nine floors above ground and three below, features exterior and rooftop designs by architect Akihisa Hirata. The facility includes a library on the second and third floors with over 3,000 magazines and a members-only creative lounge. It also offers a studio for shooting, editing, and streaming short videos, and a creator cafe operated by Shunkado, famous for their “Unagi Pie.” Additionally, a public bathhouse will open in the basement.

Harakado, situated on a corner in Harajuku, symbolizes the unexpected encounters and vibrant experiences characteristic of the area’s lively culture.

9. Go shopping at LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag

LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag
Copyright Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.

Opening in March 2024, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag (ららテラスHARUMI FLAG), located within the former Tokyo 2020 Athletes’ Village site “Harumi Flag,” is designed to enliven the community and add color to daily life.

Centered around a supermarket and lifestyle stores, this convenient commercial facility also features restaurants and essential services like medical facilities. With three floors, it hosts 40 shops across three themes: “Daily Market” for food, “Daily Select” for daily essentials, and “Well-being” for self-improvement.

LaLa Terrace Harumi Flag aims to provide a sophisticated lifestyle to urban residents, blending convenience with community vibrancy.

10. Find yourself inside a fantasy world in the new theme park Immersive Fort Tokyo

Immersive Fort Tokyo

Immersive Fort Tokyo (イマーシブ・フォート東京), the world’s first immersive theme park, is set to open on March 1, 2024, as part of the redevelopment of the former Palette Town site in Odaiba.

This innovative park features 12 different attraction experiences and six retail and dining outlets, all offering fully immersive experiences. Unlike traditional theme parks, Immersive Fort Tokyo provides a “complete immersion experience,” where visitors don’t just watch but become active participants in dramatic events, like those in movies, animations, and games.

Palette Town, which ceased operations in August 2022 for redevelopment, repurposes the former Venus Fort building to create this new entertainment space.

11. Go exercise at Ariake Urban Sports Park

Ariake Urban Sports Park
Copyright (C) 2000~ Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Continuing the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Ariake Urban Sports Park (有明アーバンスポーツパーク) is scheduled to fully open in October 2024.

The park will integrate urban sports facilities, such as a skateboard park and indoor bouldering, with general fitness facilities including outdoor athletics and a running stadium. Additionally, it will feature dining options like cafes and restaurants.

This initiative aims to promote sports and wellness, positioning the park as a model area for “Sports Wellness” through facility management and initiatives to encourage public participation in sports activities.

12. Viewing Mt. Fuji from the new Ferris Wheel at Yomiuri Land

Ferris Wheel at Yomiuri Land
Copyright(c) YOMIURI LAND

In 2024, celebrating its 60th anniversary, Yomiuriland in Tokyo is set to unveil a new Ferris wheel, adding a modern symbol to the amusement park.

Constructed next to the existing “Big Ferris Wheel” in the family area, this new wheel offers breathtaking views from its location on a hill, reaching a height of about 160 meters. Visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas of the entire park, Tokyo’s skyscrapers, and even Mount Fuji on clear days. The wheel is especially recommended during the “Jewellumination” event from autumn to spring, offering stunning night views.

Equipped with air conditioning, it ensures a comfortable ride regardless of the season, complementing the existing “Big Ferris Wheel” which will continue to operate.

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13. Check out the Seasonal Events in Tokyo

seasonal events Tokyo

Tokyo, a bustling metropolis, offers a diverse array of events throughout the year, ensuring a unique experience in every season.

In spring, the city celebrates with cherry blossom and flower festivals, marking a time of renewal and beauty. Summer brings the excitement of firework festivals, lighting up the night sky. Autumn is known for its vibrant foliage, with many spots to observe the stunning transformation of leaves into shades of red, yellow, and orange. Winter in Tokyo is magical with illuminations adorning various locations, creating a festive atmosphere.

Regardless of when you visit, there’s always something happening in Tokyo. For a deeper insight into seasonal activities, exploring further articles on Tokyo’s events is recommended.


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+ Tourist Attractions in Tokyo 2025

For those people who can’t or are not planning on visiting Japan in 2024, don’t worry. There are also various projects and facilities planned to open in 2025.

One of the anticipated projects to be completed in 2025 is the redevelopment in front of Tokyo Station which aims to create a vibrant community. It includes a major bus terminal connecting international airports and regional cities, and a pedestrian network linking Tokyo Station with surrounding areas. Enhancements include 24-hour airport lounges and consolidated bus stops for improved convenience. The project will also feature cultural exchange facilities like theaters, a community hall, and cutting-edge medical facilities.

Also slated for completion in Autumn 2025, Toyota Arena Tokyo in Odaiba will serve as the home arena for the B.LEAGUE’s professional basketball team, Alvark Tokyo. This versatile facility will host a wide range of basketball events, including international competitions like FIBA tournaments and NBA games.

There are also various projects taking place near Takanawa Gateway Station, but details of these are yet to be announced. We will make sure to keep you posted!

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