10 Premium Bars and Clubs in Tokyo

Tokyo's Nightlife Unveiled: Top 10 Elite Bars and Clubs

Premium Bars and Clubs in Tokyo

Tokyo’s nightlife vibrates with diverse offerings, catering to various tastes. For those seeking tranquility, the city’s upscale bars provide a haven of sophistication and relaxation. These elegant spots offer meticulously crafted cocktails and a luxurious atmosphere, perfect for unwinding.

Alternatively, Tokyo’s nightclubs are the heartbeats of excitement, buzzing with high-energy music and dynamic crowds. They are ideal for party-goers looking to dance and socialize in a vibrant setting.

Whether it’s the refined charm of a premium bar or the lively pulse of a bustling nightclub, Tokyo’s nightlife scene has something enthralling for every visitor, making it an essential experience. In this article, I will introduce to you our picks for 10 premium bars and clubs in Tokyo.

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Premium Bars

In Japan, “premium bars” define a league above the rest, known for their exceptional settings, often featuring spectacular views, and serving an array of high-quality drinks and culinary delights.

Concentrated in Tokyo’s heart, particularly in the chic neighborhoods of Ginza, Roppongi, and Akasaka, these bars epitomize luxury and sophistication. They stand out for their innovative approach to cocktails, commitment to fine ingredients, and the unique ambiance they offer.

These premium establishments are not just about drinks; they’re about creating memorable experiences, blending exquisite tastes with breathtaking locales, making them a must-visit for anyone seeking the pinnacle of Japan’s vibrant bar culture.

1. Sky Gallery Lounge Levita (Akasaka)

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho Sky Gallery Lounge Levita

The first premium bar on our list is the Sky Gallery Lounge Levita. This premium bar is perched on the 35th floor of The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho in Akasaka and is a place frequently featured on social media as the quintessential space that embodies the Prince Gallery experience.

Visitors are captivated by the open, airy feel of the atrium and the exceptional ambiance. The most recommended spot is the counter seats offering a view of Tokyo Tower. The subdued lighting enhances the beauty of the night view, making it an ideal setting for a memorable experience.

2. Bar High Five (Ginza)

Bar High Five
© 2013 by HIGH FIVE Co. Ltd.

Bar High Five in Ginza is a celebrated destination, marking its 15th anniversary on July 4th, 2023. Acclaimed as one of the top bars both in Asia and worldwide, it offers an intimate ambiance.

The bar stands out for its expert bartenders who blend traditional Japanese techniques with unique twists on classic recipes, using only premium ingredients. This dedication has earned it a consistent spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars list and the title of Best Bar in Japan at Asia’s 50 Best in 2019. Due to its renown and limited space, be sure to call and check if there is space available before going.

3. The Bellwood (Shibuya)

Next on our list, we have The Bellwood, a distinguished bar in Shibuya. This bar is recognized in both Asia’s 50 Best Bars and the World’s 50 Best Bars for 2023.

Open every day from 6 PM to 2 AM, it offers a unique ambiance inspired by the Taisho-era kissaten (old-school coffee shops). The bar is a spin-off from The SG Club, founded by the renowned bartender and Chivas Masters World Champion, Atsushi Suzuki. Suzuki curates an inventive cocktail list at The Bellwood. Additionally, the bar provides a unique culinary experience with creative sushi available thrice daily in a special area within the establishment.

*Fun Fact: The name “Suzuki” literally means “Bell Wood”, hence the name of the bar.

4. Lobby Bar (Toranomon)

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Lobby Bar
© https://lobbybar.toranomonedition.com/

Located on the 31st floor of The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, and directly connected to Tokyo Metro’s Kamiyacho Station, the Lobby Bar is a stylish urban retreat.

Conceived by Ian Schrager and designed by Kengo Kuma, this ‘urban jungle’ offers a unique atmosphere where lush greenery meets breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay and the iconic Tokyo Tower. Guests can indulge in custom cocktails, a select range of spirits, and afternoon tea in this open yet intimate setting. The highlight is the stunning view of the illuminated Tokyo Tower, making it an unforgettable spot for both romantic evenings and gatherings with friends.

5. Gen Yamamoto (Azabu-Juban)

Gen Yamamoto
copyright: http://www.genyamamoto.jp/

Gen Yamamoto, a renowned mixologist and owner of his eponymous bar in Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban, has created a unique cocktail experience since 2013.

The bar stands out as one of the first to offer omakase-style cocktails, where the menu changes with the seasons, showcasing fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Yamamoto’s mastery of Japanese bartending techniques adds to the allure. Guests need to book directly by phone, up to seven days in advance.

During your visit, Yamamoto personally serves and details the origin of each cocktail’s ingredients, making each visit to Gen Yamamoto a distinct and immersive journey into the art of mixology.

Premium Nightclubs

In the heart of Tokyo, the bustling districts of Ginza, Roppongi, Shinjuku, and Shibuya are the epicenters of the city’s dynamic nightlife. Here, esteemed nightclubs draw a diverse crowd, from locals to international visitors, each seeking the unique experiences these venues offer.

A standout feature of these clubs is their private VIP sections, providing a secluded space for guests to enjoy with friends. These areas enhance the overall experience, offering luxury and exclusivity.

Our selected nightclubs showcase the best of Tokyo’s nightlife, combining cutting-edge design, top-notch entertainment, and plush amenities, making them a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse in Tokyo’s lively and varied club scene.

6. V2 TOKYO (Roppongi)

Copyright © All rights reserved V2 TOKYO

The first club on our list is V2 TOKYO in Roppongi which is a top-tier nightclub known for its diverse entertainment, including live dances, music, games, and karaoke, going on until the early hours. This trendy spot covers three floors, each with a DJ booth and bar, plus a VIP area for an exclusive experience.

They take pride in serving quality food made from local ingredients. With vigilant bouncers upholding a dress code, they ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. Their VIP section, though within a single floor, cleverly separates seating from the dance area, enhancing the luxury feel. VIP table reservations include a set fee for a two-hour slot, admission for up to four people, a table charge, bottle orders, and a 22% service charge, promising a premium experience in Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife scene.

7. RAISE GINZA (Ginza)


Next, we have RAISE GINZA. Nestled in the upscale Ginza district, this is a luxury VIP Lounge and Nightclub, open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Located within Tokyu Plaza Ginza and directly linked to Ginza Station, this grand nightclub is distinguished by its 27-meter-high ceilings and magnificent open atrium. The club’s interior features four-story vaulted ceilings with wall-to-wall glass windows, providing a mesmerizing view of Ginza’s vibrant neon lights. These stunning visuals are further enhanced by the club’s upscale VIP areas.

RAISE GINZA offers an unparalleled nightlife experience, blending opulent design with a prime location in one of Tokyo’s most prestigious areas.

8. Warp SHINJUKU (Shinjuku)


Warp Shinjuku, a dynamic night entertainment venue, made its grand debut in Shinjuku in October 2018.

Embracing the mission to bring nightclubs closer to the public, it rapidly became a trendsetter in the area. The club is a weekend hotspot, regularly attracting over 1,000 visitors, and is known for its extraordinary visual spectacles. Highlights include immersive confetti showers and dramatic spark effects that enhance the already vibrant atmosphere.

Conveniently located, Warp Shinjuku is perfect for those seeking a quick escape after work, offering an exhilarating nightlife experience right up until the last train departs, making it a must-visit in Tokyo’s bustling Shinjuku district.

9. TK NIGHTCLUB (Shibuya)

Copyright: https://tk-nightclub.com/

Reopened in Spring 2021, TK NIGHTCLUB is a premier nightlife destination in Shibuya, boasting one of the city’s largest single-floor spaces.

Located in the bustling Center Street area, specifically in the basement of Chitose Kaikan, it’s a favorite among young crowds due to its convenient location. The club predominantly plays international dance music, backed by state-of-the-art production equipment and a top-tier sound system, drawing in popular DJs for nightly performances. With more than 20 VIP seats, TK NIGHTCLUB offers a luxurious experience, creating an exclusive atmosphere that serves as an upscale escape for adults in the heart of Tokyo.

10. 1OAK Tokyo (Azabu)

And lastly, on our list is 1 OAK TOKYO in Azabujuban. This is a luxurious nightlife hub that first established its reputation in New York’s Chelsea district. Expanding to Tokyo in August 2017, it became the brand’s first Asian location.

The club encompasses three levels: The 1st floor features a vibrant dance space with a generous array of VIP seats and a large bar. The 2nd floor offers an overlook from VIP seats around a central atrium and has exclusive VIP rooms on the sides. The 3rd floor, a lounge area opened in 2018, is designed with expansive glass walls facing Keyakizaka, embodying a sense of opulent space.

1 OAK TOKYO replicates the prestige of its New York origins, offering an exceptional nightlife experience in Tokyo.

+1. Members Only Japanese Bars

Another option for spending Tokyo’s nightlife is going to members-only bars. Tokyo is full of members-only bars, but as you can imagine, in many cases, you can only drink in these bars if you’re a member or if you go there with someone who is a member of the bar.

However, you can experience drinking at some of these exclusive bars in Tokyo by joining a bar-hopping tour dedicated to these kinds of bars! Check out more details from the following link!

<<Book “Members Only Japanese Bars: Sips and Secrets in Ebisu” tour Online>>

I hope this article was helpful for those looking for something fun to do in Tokyo’s nightlife. As I previously mention, be sure to check the website or call the place for more information.

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