10 Best Events in Tokyo in December 2022

List of Seasonal Events in Tokyo in December

Tokyo in December

Tokyo has countless things to do for both residents and tourists from overseas throughout the year. There are especially some of the most exciting events in Japan’s capital in December, which are held for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You may have some snowy days during your stay in December while January and February are colder than that.

Some popular amusement parks host Christmas events from November to the late December. Christmas markets open to offer hot dishes and drinks and lovely items in urban areas. Winter is famous for fresh seafood and Japanese unique dishes such as Oden and hot pots, and Tokyo is one of the few places that you can taste almost everything from across the country.

Viewing spectacular illuminations around the city has been one of the most popular attractions in winter recently. Some tourists take a short trip to well-known Onsen towns near Tokyo.

For every tourist who want to add some more plans to your itinerary, here is the list of the best events in Tokyo in December including popular theme park events and exclusive art and pop culture exhibitions.

Don’t miss the highlight in Tokyo in December!

1. Illuminations

Genre: Illuminations
Dates: Lots of places are lit up from November

2. Christmas Markets

Christmas Market

Genre: Market
Dates: From November to December 25, 2022

3. Disney Christmas


Genre: Theme Park
Dates: November 8 to December 25, 2022
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/dxnLuwoxaFiA2aRz9
Website: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/treasure/christmas2022/tdl/

4. Puro Christmas

© 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN 著作 株式会社サンリオ

Genre: Theme Park
Dates: November 3 to December 25, 2022
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/RbaMZ7VFTDhXbYyL7
Website: https://www.puroland.jp/2022_christmas/

5. Puzzle: Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition

Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition
©冨樫義博 1990-94年  ©冨樫義博 1995-97年  ©P98-22  ©冨樫義博 2022年

Genre: Exhibition
Dates: October 28, 2022 to January 9, 2023
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/o1cmaVjzMnZUxu5UA
Website: https://togashi-ten.com/

6. SPY×FAMILY and Sweets Paradise Collaboration Cafe

SPY×FAMILY and Sweets Paradise

Genre: Collaboration Cafe
Dates: November 12 to December 15, 2022
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/CJXDSNX4Jg5iK64Q9
Website: https://www.sweets-paradise.jp/collaboration/spyfamily

7. The Roof Shibuya Sky

The Roof Shibuya Sky
Source: https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/sky/the-roof/

Genre: Bar
Dates: April 28, 2022 to January 9, 2023
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DspETcVUPQsrdjpe6
Website: https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/sky/the-roof/

8. 2023 Countdown Lounge at Park Hyatt Tokyo

2023 Countdown Lounge at Park Hyatt Tokyo
© 2015 Hyatt Corporation

Genre: Countdown Party
Dates: December 31, 2022 (9:00 PM to 1:00 AM)
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7H8H8DDkJ4wjrf747
Website: https://restaurants.tokyo.park.hyatt.co.jp/en/news/3160.html

9. Countdown Cruise by The Cruise Club Tokyo


Genre: Dinner Cruise
Dates: December 31, 2022 (10:00 PM to 0:35 AM)
Map: https://g.page/the_cruise_club_tokyo?share
Website: https://cctokyo.co.jp/english/

10. Countdown Party 2023 World Music Celebration

Genre: Show
Dates: December 31, 2022 (11:50 PM to 0:20 AM)
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/XHkiX8ggtiAa6GkbA
Website: https://www.princehotels.co.jp/shinagawa/newyear2023/countdown.html

In addition to those seasonal events, there are more things to do in Tokyo in December. Check more details in these articles below.

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