10 Best Events in Tokyo in November 2023

List of Seasonal Events in Tokyo in November

For autumn travelers in Tokyo, there are lots of things to do in the capital city of Japan in November. Following Halloween and other exciting seasonal events in the previous month, Tokyo offers a variety of attractions at the end of autumn.

It is getting colder in Tokyo even in the daytime while maple leaves turn red and ginkgo leaves turn yellow. The metropolis is filled with seasonal fresh foods including fish and vegetables, which are served in popular food festivals. Japanese people celebrate Shichi-go-san festival for boys aged three and five and girls aged three and seven in mid-November.

The towns are lit up with colorful illuminations as winter is approaching, which become popular spots for both tourists and residents these days. In Tokyo in November, there are also traditional Japanese festivals that you can see only in Japan.

Enjoy the classic and cutting-edge events in Tokyo in November!

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1. Yomiuriland Jewellumination: LIGHT is LOVE

Yomiuriland Jewellumination
Copyright(c) YOMIURI LAND

Yomiuriland is one of the popular amusement parks in Tokyo featuring breathtaking and fun rides. It offers colorful events this year from October to April next year with the theme of “Light is Love” where illumination is all over the park that brings happiness and relaxation to the visitor.

Genre: Illumination
Location: Yomiuriland
Dates: October 19, 2023 to April 4, 2024
Website: https://www.yomiuriland.com/en/jewellumination/

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2. Tokyo Ramen Festa 2023

Tokyo Ramen FestaTokyo Ramen Festa 2023 is the largest ramen event held in Tokyo participated by talented chefs from all over Japan. Here, you can witness the preparation of their special ramen. Various ramen and flavors you can taste from traditional to different unique versions of ramen such as seafood and vegan ramen.

Genre: Food Festival
Location: Komazawa Olympic Park
Dates: October 26 to November 5, 2023
Website: https://ra-fes.com/

3. Yellow Leaves/Autumn Leaves Festival & Autumn Night Walk 2023

Yellow Leaves Autumn Leaves Festival & Autumn Night Walk 2023-min
Copyright ©Showa Kinen Park

One of the most beautiful and popular places in Tokyo during autumn when the ginkgo and maple tree leaves turn red and yellow bringing more life to the place day and night. Which also held an autumn leaves festival from early November to late.

Genre: Autumn Festival
Location: Showa Kinen Park
Dates: November 3 to 26, 2023
Website: https://www.showakinen-koen.jp/event/28271/

4. Tori-no-ichi Celebration at Ootori Shrine

Tori-no-ichi Celebration at Ootori Shrine-min
Copyright (c) Asakusa Tori-no Ichi

Tori-no-ichi is an annual traditional festival celebrated at the Ootori shrine in Asakusa, to give thanks for the good harvest and success in business. People offering and holding a lucky charm called “Kumade” in Japanese is the festival’s main activity.

Genre: Festival
Location: Otori Jinja
Dates: November 11 and 23, 2023
Website: https://www.asakusa-torinoichi.tokyo/

5. Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2023

Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2023-min
Copyright © 神田カレー街活性化委員会

Kanda Curry Grand Prix is a curry food event where more than 300 curry restaurants and cooking experts present their best curry dishes. Here you can taste a variety of delicious unique curries including Thai, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Genre: Food Festival
Location: Chiyoda Ward, Ogawa Square
Dates: November 4 and 5, 2023
Website: https://kanda-curry.com/

6. Disney Christmas

Disney Christmas-min

Disney Christmas is a special event featuring the 40th-anniversary logo full of fun, fantasy, and entertainment. The park is full of colorful Christmas decorations in addition to the Christmas tree, electrical parade, and lights.

Genre: Theme Park
Location: Tokyo Disney Resort
Dates: November 8 to December 25, 2023
Website: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/treasure/christmas2023/tdl/

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7. Hachioji Ginkgo Festival

Hachioji Ginkgo Festival is the annual autumn festival where over 700 ginkgo trees line up the Koshu Highway to the Hachioji from the Oiwake area to Takao Station. Many people visit the area to see the beautiful view of ginkgo trees and their falling leaves. Many food/souvenir stalls and other activities to enjoy as well.

Genre: Festival
Location: Oiwake Area to Takao Station.
Dates: November 18 and 19, 2023
Website: https://www.ichou-festa.org/



SAKANA & JAPAN FESTIVAL is a food festival featuring a fish-eating culture which popular and unique in Japan. A variety of fish and different kinds of seafood can be found and tasted here.

Genre: Food Festival
Location: Odaiba
Dates: November 23 to 26, 2023
Website: https://37sakana.jp/

9. Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2023

Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2023-min

Marunouchi Bright Christmas is a special Christmas event held in the Marunouchi area featuring eight Disney animations which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Genre: Special Christmas Event
Location: Marunouchi Area
Dates:  November 16 to December 25, 2023
Website: https://www.marunouchi.com/event/detail/36400/

10. New National Theatre, Tokyo “Measure for Measure/All is well if the end is good”

New National Theatre, Tokyo-min

This is a theater of Shakespeare’s hidden masterpiece historical drama called “dark comedy” the Measure for Measure and All I well if the end is good.

Genre: Theater
Location: New National Theatre, Tokyo
Dates: October 18 to November 19, 2023
Website: https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/play/shakespeare-dark-comedy/

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