Yomiuriland Jewellumination 2023-2024

Tokyo Winter Illumination: Yomiuriland Jewel Illumination

Yomiuriland Jewellumination 2023-2024

Yomiuriland Jewellumination is the annual winter illumination held at Yomuriland, Tokyo’s largest amusement park. Jewellumination is the the world’s first sparkling illumination using LEDs inspired by jewel colors produced by the world-renowned lighting designer Mikiko Ishii. It’s one of the most popular winter illumination events in Tokyo and the largest-scale illumination in the Kanto area. For Winter 2023-2024 the 14th season of the event is back, Yomiuriland Jewelmination 2023 LIGHT is LOVE from 19 October 2023 (Thursday) to 7 April 2024 (Sunday).

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Yomiuriland Jewelmination 2023 LIGHT is LOVE features popular nighttime-only shows and attractions, including a 140-meter-long tunnel illuminated on pink tones, some of the largest-scale fountain shows in the country, a roller coaster shooting through the night sky like a falling star. In addition the Giant Ferris Wheel, the main symbol of Yomiuriland where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the night cityscape, will be lit up in gold on the upper half and pink on the lower half.

The highlight of the event is the new colored illumination that can be enjoyed in and around the Sun Square, just inside the main entrance to the park. Based on bright blues such as aquamarine and sapphire, the Earth Blue Jewellery Colour, which is inspired by the clear waters of the sea, sparkles and glitters.

Enjoy the amusement park decorated in sparkling Jewelry-colored lights the night view of Tokyo at the same time!

In the Wave Pool Area, a powerful fountain show is staged with a 15-metre-high giant ring of water screen images, 188 fountains, lasers and flames. Also on show is the Lovers’ Promenade, which divides the left and right sides of the cherry blossom trees into warm and cool illumination, and the Love Stream, a collection of love words from all over the world.

Discount rates are available for visitors to the Yomiuriland amusement park.

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For more details check their official website.

Yomuriland Jewellumination Official Website

<<Yomiuriland Jewel Winter Ilumination 2023 LIGHT is LOVE>>

Map: https://bit.ly/3sTS4Ez

Access: 25 mins walk from Yomiuriland-mae Station (or you can take a bus)

Date: 19 October 2023 to 7 April 2024

Hours: 16:00~20:30 (09:00~20:30 weekends and public holidays)


One-Day Pass(Admission + all-you-can-ride): 5,800 JPY (adults)/ 4,600 JPY (middle and high school students)/ 4,000 JPY (children)/ 2,400 JPY (preschoolers)

Admission fees (Park admission fees only): 1,800 JPY (adults)/ 1,500 JPY (middle and high school students)/ 1,000 JPY (children)/ 1,000 JPY (preschoolers)

After Pass (Admission after 3:00pm + all-you-can-ride): 3,100 JPY (adults)/ 2,500 JPY (middle and high school students)/ 2,200 JPY (children)/ 1,500 JPY (preschoolers)

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