5 Onsen at Lake Kawaguchiko with a View of Mt.Fuji!

Enjoy hot springs by Lake Kawaguchi

One of the most extraordinary ways to enjoy hot spring (onsen) in Japan would be bathing with a great view. Lake Kawaguchi is a very popular Onsen spot as many hotels/ryokan offer great baths with scenic views of Mt.Fuji. Even if you don’t have time to stay there overnight, some of them are open for daytime visitors, too. Let’s check out some of the greatest onsens in Lake Kawaguchi you should def visit!

1. Mifuji-en(美富士園)

© 2017 Mifujien

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Mifuji-en is a hotel located by Lake Kawaguchi and offers a hot spring bath with a great view of the lake and Mt.Fuji behind. The same view can be also enjoyed from all guest rooms. The price for day-use is 1,200 JPY, and it’s available between 13:00 to 20:00.

Website: https://www.mifujien.co.jp/

2. Yurari (ゆらり)

Copyrightc Fuji kanko Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd.

Yurari is a public Onsen complex located near Lake Kawaguchi. There are over 10 different hot spring baths including outdoor one with a panorama view of Mt.Fuji. The complex includes shops, restaurant and relaxation space. The price for day-use is 1,300 JPY from 10:00~22:00

Website: https://www.fuji-yurari.jp/

3. Onyado Fuji Ginkei (おんやど 富士吟景)

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Onyado Fuji Ginkei is a hotel located by the lake. The great front view of Mt. Fuji and the lake can be seen from the outdoor Onsen and all guest rooms. Day-use of Onsen is not available at this hotel.

Website: http://www.fujiginkei.jp/

4. Kozantei Ubuya (湖山亭うぶや)

Copyright: http://www.ubuya.co.jp/

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Kozantei Ubuya Ryokan is a traditional ryokan located by the lake. The magnificent view can be enjoyed from all the guest rooms and the public bath, yet if you wish to have even better view for yourself, take the room with private outdoor bath! Day-use of Onsen is not available at this hotel.

Website: https://www.489pro.com/asp/489/menu.asp?id=19000027&ty=ser&lan=ENG

5. Kukuna (くくな)

© The KUKUNA Fujikawaguchiko Resort and Spa.

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Kukuna is a hotel located by the lake offering 3 different public onsen, all with panoramic view of the lake and Mt.Fuji as well as their guest rooms. Kukuna also provides great rooms with private outdoor baths if you wish to feel more exclusive 😉 Day-use of Onsen is not available at this hotel.

Website: http://kukuna.jp/eng/index.html


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