Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2023 Disney DREAMS & WISHES

Disney Themed Christmas Event in Tokyo

Marunouchi, the area around Tokyo Station, is a popular spot for winter illumination in Tokyo. The Disney themed Christmas event, Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2023 Disney DREAMS & WISHES (丸の内 ブライトクリスマス 2023 ディズニー ドリームズ&ウィッシーズ) will be held in Marunouchi area from 16 November to 25 December 2023.

Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and Marunouchi is joining the celebration with the special light-up and Christmas decorations featuring timeless masterpieces of Disney. The event will take place at several locations in Marunouchi area, featuring Christmas illuminations and decorations, photo spot, participatory event (stamp rally).

A monument inspired by Wish, the upcoming Disney movie in December 2023, will be displayed at Marunouchi Building with a special lighting show held every 15 mins. A Christmas ornament with the theme of Fantasia’s “Sorcerer’s HAT” can be seen at Shin Marunouchi Building.

At Marunouchi Oazo, the Christmas tree inspired by the Frozen, one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, will be displayed with snow crystal motif. The Beauty and the Beast themed Christmas ornament will be displayed at Marunouchi Brick Square with the motif of “Something There”, the most notable scene from the movie. At Kokusai Building, there will be a special photo wall, featuring 8 masterpieces of Disney movie: Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Zootopia, Moana and Frozen.

Moreover, there will be limited-time food menu and merchandise inspired by Disney animations available at restaurants and shops in Marunouchi area during the event period.

Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2023 Disney DREAMS & WISHES will be held from 16 November to 25 December 2023. If you are a Disney fan, don’t miss a chance to celebrate the Christmas with adorable Disney characters with festive Christmas lights in Marunouchi, Tokyo!

One of the most popular winter illumination in Tokyo, Marunouchi Illumination will be also held from 16 November until February next year. Over 1 million champagne gold LED lights will illuminate the street of Marunouchi dramatically. If you will be around, make sure to visit both events and enjoy the Christmas season in Tokyo!

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