Japan Officially Reopen for Independent Tourists in October 2022

Japan will reopen for the first time in these two years

Yesterday, September 22nd, as rumors suggested, Kishida took advantage of his stay in New York to make the long-awaited announcement official.
Finally Japan is going to open its borders without restrictions to individual tourism from October 11th!

The government intends to take advantage of the weak yen to capture fall and winter tourism demand and boost the economy by increasing the number of inbound tourists to Japan.

In this article we will explain the details of the new situation!

Japan tourism

Japan’s previous border situation

Japan was one of the first countries to implement a total border closure at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then its border policy has been very strict, to the extent that during the first few months it vetoed entry to foreign residents leaving the country or being outside the country at the time of the closure.
Those who were allowed to enter Japan had to undergo various PCR tests upon arrival, quarantine periods in designated hotels, etc.

In recent months the current Prime Minister of Japan, Kishida and his government have been slowly easing the measures. The number of people allowed to enter the country on a daily basis has been increased, and tourism has been authorized for those traveling with travel agencies. Recently, the need for a PCR test 27 hours before flight departure was also eliminated for those who were fully vaccinated.

Japan’s border situation from October 11th

As we explained in our previous article when the first news came out on September 13, there are going to be three main points that are going to be changed.
The first change is the elimination of the restriction on the number of people that can enter the country per day. The number of people had been progressively increasing to 50,000 people per day (it had been below 10,000 people). Finally there will be no daily limitation.

The second and one of the most important points is that individual tourism is now allowed. Until now, only people coming to Japan through travel agencies were accepted. For those who usually seek to travel in the most economical way, booking their own flights and hotels, this point made them give up on the idea of coming to Japan.

The last and probably the most important point: it will not be necessary to apply for a tourist visa anymore. The travel agencies were in charge in many cases of processing these visas, but it’s a long and tiring  process. Now the situation will return to the way it was before the pandemic, where many countries didn’t need a visa to enter Japan as tourists (Note: countries that needed to apply for a tourist visa before the border closure may still need one).

Japan tourism

Get ready for be connected during your trip to Japan!

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Need a PCR test during your visit to Japan?

Although Japan no longer requires a mandatory PCR test to enter the country, it’s possible that upon your return it will be required in your country of residence, or if you travel from Japan to another country such as Hong Kong. Also, although I hope this doesn’t happen to you, COVID-19 still exists and as of this moment Japan has a fairly high incidence of cases, so it’s possible that during your trip you may begin to have symptoms and want to get tested.

If you need to get a PCR or Antigen test, then I recommend you contact Clinic Nearme. They offer a multi-language services, which is difficult to find in Japan, even in big cities as Tokyo or Osaka. They can also provide you with a valid negative certificate in case you need it.

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What if you get a high fever or sick during your trip?

Clinic Nearme only performs PCR testing, so if you get a high fever or you start to feel sick during your trip to Japan, I recommend you contact NTT Medical Center Tokyo. This is a big hospital with different experts that also offers multi-language services.

▶Official Website: https://www.nmct.ntt-east.co.jp/lp/international_healthcare/

First time in Japan?

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I hope this information was helpful for you. Here are our previous article regarding Japanese border measures for your reference.

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