Yodobashi-Akiba: Largest Electronics Store in Akihabara

What to Buy at Yodobashi-Akiba


Akihabara, the pop culture town in Tokyo, is a shopping paradise especially for electronics products. There are a large number of electronics stores all over Akihabara, and Yodobashi-Akiba is the largest mall in the town. It is not too much to say that you can find almost all electric products at Yodobashi-Akiba including cameras, audio devices, cutting-edge gadgets and so on. Yodobashi-Akiba offers not only those electric products but also other various items from daily necessities and toys to fashion items like wristwatches and brand bags. That is why every visitors from adults to kids can enjoy shopping at the gigantic mall.

1. Electronics Products

Here are popular electronics products you should see at Yodobashi-Akiba. You can find the latest items at a discounted rate there and, it is a tax-free store, of course. Electronic goods are sold mainly on the 1st-6th floors. For kids, a variety of toys and video games are displayed on the 6th floor.


Headphones and earphones


Coffee maker

Rice cooker


Vacuum cleaner

Shaved ice maker

2. Fashion and Cosmetics

Yodobashi-Akiba deals in fashion items including brand watches and bags and cosmetics products like skin care and makeup. You can purchase those things at brand stores and drugstores in Japan, however, it is recommended to shop them for a discounted and tax-free deal. Of course, expanding product lineups are available.


Watches at Yodobashi-Akiba



Cosmetic products

Cosmetics Products at Yodobashi-Akiba

3. Toys and games

Don’t forget to please your kids or satisfy yourself if you have some hobbies related to Japanese toys and video games.

Character goods

Lego blocks

Miniature car

4. Others

Additionally, Yodabashi-Akiba has no shortage of shopping options on upper floors. There are diverse shops selling books, CDs, golf equipment and even restaurants there.


Book Store in Yodobashi-Akiba

CD and DVD

Tower Records in Yodobashi-Akiba

How to Get to Yodobashi-Akiba from Akihabara Station

You can see Yodobashi-Akiba in front of the Akihabara Station Showa Dori exit.

Akihabara is one of the most popular tourist towns in Tokyo to travelers who want to enjoy shopping Japanese Otaku products in relation to Anima, Manga, video games and PC/smartphone gadgets. It will be a wise option to start your Akihabara shopping trip with Yodobashi-Akiba. For more info about Akihabara, check these articles below!

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