5 Best Ramen in Akihabara

Best Ramen Restaurants in Akihabara Tokyo

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Today, I would like to introduce my best Ramen restaurants in Akihabara. Japanese Ramen has been featured in international media many times, and now that is receiving a lot of attention, don’t you think? Actually, I asked my foreign friends before “ Do you have some particular Japanese foods that you want to eat in Japan? “ and they said “ Definitely want to eat real Ramen! “. Although the purpose of the trip to Japan is different for each person, I think that “ Learning food culture” is one of the best opportunities to know the country.

Akihabara is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo, which is highly known for the Otaku culture and a great shopping spot for electronic products, it’s also famous as a large battleground for Ramen restaurants. There are numbers of Ramen restaurants in Akihabara area that compete each other by their delicious bowls of Ramen. As a resident of this humble neighbourhood, this time, I would like to share my picks of 5 best Ramen in Akihabara area.

1. Motenashi Kuroki (饗 くろ喜)

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Motenashi Kuroki (饗 くろ喜) is a snug and compact Ramen store, but there is always such a long line at the front during lunch and dinner time. I have seen some customers who lined with guide books, and it seems like they came all the way there for eating the Ramen. Recently, I have seen foreign tourists as well.

The staff collected food tickets while lining up after you purchased food tickets from the vending, so that the Ramen dish is served almost without waiting, when you get your seat. I like the system, especially when I am very hungry. haha

The popular dish of the restaurant is “ 塩そば (Salt ramen = Shio soba)”,
but “ 醤油そば (Soy sauce ramen = Shoyu soba)” is also recommended.
The soup which concentrated taste of chicken firmly is very delicious!
I think that you can feel the rich taste of the soup made with selected ingredients.

The presentation does look good and simple. By the way, the ingredients topped on the special salt ramen (特製塩そば)
are roasted pork (=Char-siu pork), soft-boiled egg, sliced onion and dried laver. The soft-boiled egg is thick and smooth, you can enjoy various tastes eating with noodles. Many people order Ramen with the side dish, “ 名物焼売 (a shao‐mai)”. It is also delicious and juicy as ginger is accented.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/bpN5wXcarkn

Business hours:

Lunch 11:30 am ~ 14:30 pm / Dinner 18:00 pm ~ 20:30 pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, and Friday)
Lunch Only 11:30 am ~ 15:00 pm (Wednesday)
Lunch 11:30 am 〜 15:00 pm / Dinner 18:00 am 〜 21:00 pm (Saturday)
※Opening until soup or noodle run out!

Access: 5 mins walk from JR Akihabara Station (Showa-Dori gate)

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2. Aoshima Shokudo (青島食堂)

Aoshima Shokudo (青島食堂) is one of the busiest ramen restaurants in Akihabara area. The shop always has a long waiting line outside! You can eat the authentic Niigata Ramen as the main branch is located in Niigata Prefecture. The menu offers two choices:  “Aoshima Ramen (青島ラーメン)” and “Aoshima Char-siu (青島チャーシュー)”.

When I went there for the first time, unfortunately, I could not eat it because the soup ran out…I was shocked….. Of course, I went back there to take a revenge! This time, I went there at the opening hour at 11 am, and finally made it.

While waiting in line, I heard from other customer saying “The shop does offer really good Char-siu (stewed pork belly)!”, so I followed that recommendation and ordered Char-siu Ramen. The soup has ginger flavour which was perfect for cold weather. I also had additional toppings of Spinach and Menma (Bamboo shoot).

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/KfHebzpfyrm

Business hours: 11:00 am ~ 18:00 pm(Everyday, but opening until soup run out!)

Access: 5 mins walk from JR Akihabara Station (Showa-Dori gate)

3. Ramen Fukuro (らーめん 福籠)

Ramen Fukuro (らーめん 福籠) is a popular Ramen restaurant located only 1 min away from JR Asakusabashi Station. It’s really easy to find. “ Miso ramen (味噌ラーメン) “ is the most popular dish on the menu, and there is always waiting line during lunch time. If you wish to avoid waiting line, dinner time is considerably less busy in this shop.

Miso ramen comes with Char-siu and ginger topping. When eating Char-siu with ginger on about 1/3, melting ginger in soup little by little, This broth is very rich but becomes a little refreshing aftertaste. Char-siu is tender enough to melt by chopsticks.

My recommendation is to make it even more delicious if you eat it with a little bit added to shichimi togarashi (Japanese seasonings). The combination of ginger, shichimi togarashi and Miso Ramen is very good though. If you would like to eat Miso Ramen around Akihabara or even Asakusabashi, I highly recommend the Ramen Fukuro.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yEswUcTgAj62

Business hours: Lunch 11:00 am ~ 15:00 pm / Dinner 18:00 pm ~ 22:00 pm (Close on Sunday)

Access: 1 mins walk from JR Asakusabashi Station (East exit)

4. Gottsu Akihabara (超ごってり麺 ごっつ 秋葉原店)

Gottsu Akihabara (超ごってり麺 ごっつ 秋葉原店) is highly recommended for those who want to eat really rich bowl of Ramen. I knew that this may have not been so good for the health wise but I used to eat this kind of heavy ramen after drinking. This restaurant opens until 4:00 am, and all year round.

One of the popular dishes on the menu is “ 醤油ラーメン (Soy sauce ramen)” with pork back fat. You can ask the staff to put in back fat as much as you like.

First time, I went to the restaurant and ordered “ 野菜みそラーメン (Miso ramen with vegetables) “. I was very surprised by the amount of vegetables, and could not see noodles. haha The rich soup and ingredients get caught in noodles nicely. It is delicious. If you would like to eat up the soup, the staff offers a light taste soup to add for free.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/8BTzvce4Dmx

Business hours: 11:00 am ~4:00 am next day (Everyday)

Accsess: 3 mins walk from JR Akihaba Station (Showa-Dori gate)

5. Yunrinbo Akihabara (雲林坊 秋葉原店)

Copyright © YUNRIN

If you wish to try a slightly different type of ordinary Ramen in Akihabara area, Yunrinbo Akihabara (雲林坊 秋葉原店) is the right place. I recommend to try the “ 担担麺 (Dandan noodles) “. I often go there for lunch and have been there many times.

You can choose the noodle with soup or without soup, hot and peppery also can be adjusted. I usually select no soup, medium-hot, and Japanese pepper is rather less. As for the non-soup type, it is advisable to eat it after mixing the whole ingredients. The great thing about the restaurant is that you can customize your bowl of Ramen how you like.

In lunch time, there is a set meal comes with “ 麻婆豆腐 (Mahbo Tofu), that is good value for the price! I highly recommend you to go to there once.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/enybo8eEco92

Business hours: 11:00 am~ 22:00 pm (Monday-Friday)/11:00 am ~21:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Access: 3 mins walk from Metro Iwamotocho station

How did you enjoy the list? Did you find any good places to eat Ramen?
This time, I have introduced Ramen restaurants where it takes around 15 mins to walk from Akihabara Station. Enjoy your favorite Ramen restaurant when you visit to Akihabara.
I hope this article will be helpful for you to find your favorite Ramen restaurant from among all.

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