5 Best Ski Resorts near Osaka 2023-2024

Do you know you can go skiing from Osaka only within a few hours?

Ski Resorts near Osaka

Japan is now one of the most popular countries to travel in winter since there are unique tourist attractions in the country such as winter festivals, Onsen (hot springs), beautiful illuminations and so on. Additionally, what you should not forget about winter in Japan is skiing and snowboarding.

More and more people have visited Japan to enjoy skiing and snowboarding with quality powder snow. And, less visitors know that there are numerous options to ski near the urban cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Osaka is a perfect tourist area to take a day trip to top-rated ski resorts. Osaka and Kyoto is surrounded by the nature district which have huge quantities of snow.

Here, I would like to introduce best ski resorts near Osaka including popular skiing spots and hidden gems.

Not many transportations are available like Shinkansen, but it is recommended to take a day trip skiing tour from Osaka with round-trip bus at an affordable rate. Here are also links to book the tours to each ski resort from the center of Osaka with the best deal. These ski resorts provide you with rental options of gears for skiing and snowboarding, so let’s enjoy your skiing travel empty-handed!

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1. Rokkosan Ski Resort: Mt.Rokko National Park (Hyogo)

Rokkosan Ski Resort (六甲山スノーパーク), located in Kobe, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, is one of the most accessible ski resorts from Osaka. It only takes about an hour to get to Rokkosan Ski Resort from the center of Osaka by car or bus. It is also famous as the ski spot which starts the winter season earlier than other ski resorts in Kansai Region opening the mid November.

The ski resort with three courses is not that large, but there are various snow attractions for anyone. Both experienced skiers and first-timers can enjoy hitting the slopes and kids can play sledding safely. Some restaurants are located in the site where you can get warm with their Japanese food. For budget-skiers, a day lift ticket on weekdays only costs half as much as that on weekends and holidays. If you want to make a reservation for a round-trip bus between Osaka and Rokkosan Ski Resort, check this link below!

▶︎Book Kobe Mt Rokko Snow Park Ski Hot Spring Day Tour (from Osaka)!

Access: 1 hour from Osaka by car or bus

Season: December 2, 2023 to Match 3, 2024

Business Hours: 9:00-17:00

1-Day Lift Ticket Price: 3,100 yen (Weekends and National Holidays)/1,550 yen (Weekdays)

Website: https://www.rokkosan.com/ski/

2. Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort (Hyogo)

Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort (ハチ北高原スキー場), which is located in the north of Hyogo Prefecture, is one of the largest ski resorts in Kansai Region. Another vast skiing area Hachi Kogen Ski Resort is located just next to it, and there are over 20 courses totally. Lots of skiers and snowboarders visit Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort to enjoy gliding a long distance (the longest course reach 4,000 meters) and viewing the nice mountainous scenery from the height of over 1,000 meters.

Any skiers and snowboarders can enjoy not only skiing on various ground forms but also events hold regularly, so family won’t get bored at all. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort from Osaka by car, so it is highly recommended to use transportation like bus. Check the best deal below for a round-trip bus and 1-day lift pass.

Access: 2.5 hours from Osaka by car or bus

Season: From December 23, 2023 (Hachi Kita)/From December 23, 2023 (Hachi)

Business Hours: 8:30–16:50

1-Day Lift Ticket Price: 4,500 yen (Junior high school students and older)/3,000 yen (4 years old and older)/3,800 yen (60 years old and older)

Website: https://www.hachi-hachikita.co.jp/hachikita/index.html

3. Biwako Valley Ski Resort (Shiga)

Lake Biwa (Biwako), the largest lake in Japan, is a popular tourist site in Shiga Prefecture in not only winter but other seasons. You can get to the top of the mountain at Lake Biwa by aerial cable car to overlook the breathtaking view of Lake Biwa. The mountain is also perfect for skiing and snowboarding, which is Biwako Valley Ski Resort (びわ湖バレイ スキー場).

There are over 10 courses consisting the slopes for beginners, mid-level players and advanced skiers. Biwako Valley Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Kansai Region which is also accessible from Kyoto and other prefectures in Kansai Region. For the best deal including round-trip bus, cable car fee and ski resort admission fee, you can book in the link below.

Access: 90 minutes from Osaka by bus or car

Season: From January, 2023 (NOTE: In the 2023-2024 winter season, Biwako Valley Ski Resort was scheduled to open from December 23, but has been postponed due to insufficient snowfall.)

Business Hours: 8:30-16:30 (Lift operation)

1-Day Lift Ticket Price (Weekends and National Holidays): 5,800 yen(Junior high school students or older)/4,200 yen(Elementary school students), 2,100 yen(3-6 years old)

1-Day Lift Ticket Price (Weekdays): 4,800 yen(Junior high school students or older)/3,700 yen(Elementary school students), 1,600 yen(3-6 years old)

Website: http://www.biwako-valley.com/en/

4. Gransnow Okuibuki Ski Resort (Shiga)

Gransnow Okuibuki Ski Resort (グランスノー奥伊吹), located in the northeast of Shiga Prefecture, is known as one of the area that have the most quantities of snow in the world. The ski resort has been loved by skiers and snowboarders for half a century, and lifts, slopes and other facilities have been updated celebrating the 50th year anniversary.

You can enjoy skiing with fluffy powder snow on the 12 courses which consist of 3 for beginners, 6 for mid-level skiers and 3 for advanced skiers. It takes only less than 3 hours to get to Gransnow Okuibuki Ski Resort from Osaka by car, so the ski resort is one of the perfect choices for you to take a day skiing trip.

Access: 2.5 hours from Osaka by car

Season: From the mid December 2023 to the early April 2024

Business Hours: 8:00–17:00

1-Day Lift Ticket Price (Weekends and National Holidays): 4,900 yen(High school students or older)/3,500 yen(Junior high school students), 3,000 yen(Elementary school students and younger)/3,500 yen(60 years old and older)

1-Day Lift Ticket Price (Weekdays): 4,300 yen(High school students or older)/3,500 yen(Junior high school students), 3,000 yen(Elementary school students and younger)/3,500 yen(60 years old and older)

Website: https://www.okuibuki.co.jp/en/

5. Hakuba Ski Resorts (Nagano)

Happo-one Ski Resort
© Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort.

Nagano Prefecture in Central Japan, especially Hakuba (白馬) is one of the most famous and popular skiing areas in Japan. Hakuba is located a little further than other ski resorts in this article, but it is totally worth going from Osaka for the authentic powder snow. In that case, it is recommended to stay in Hakuba for some days rather than a day trip, of course.

There are 10 unique ski resorts in Hakuba, which are known as Hakuba Valley including Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort, hakuba47 Winter Sports Park, Hakuba Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort, etc. In addition to the variety of ski resort options, Hakuba offers other foreign-friendly tourist attractions such as restaurants, bars, Onsen facilities and so on. With Hakuba Valley Ticket, you can enjoying unlimited lift rides in all the areas in Hakuba Valley.

Access: 5-6 hours from Osaka by car

Season: It depends on the ski resort, but many of them are open from December to May

Business Hours: It depends on the ski resort, so please check the website below.

1-Day Lift Ticket Price: 6,100 yen (13 years old and older)/3,500 yen (6-12 years old)/Free (5 years old and younger)

Website: https://www.hakubavalley.com/en/

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