4 Best Hakuba Ski Resorts 2023-2024

Hakuba Valley Ski Resorts: Accessible from Tokyo which You can Reach for Only less than 3 hours

Hakuba (白馬) is one of the most popular ski resort areas and has been increasing in popularity among skiers and snowboarders from all around the world recently. The entire of the area is called Hakuba Valley which consists of 10 ski resorts in Nagano Prefecture. Finest snow powder falls in the mountain area of Japan’s Northern Alps and makes fluffy snow field on the slopes.

Hakuba is also popular because it’s accessible from Tokyo. It takes only less than 3 hours to get to Hakuba ski resorts from Tokyo by Shinkansen. You can take a day trip to Hakuba for the finest snow. Each resort offers rental snow gears, so you can go skiing there empty-handed.

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Here is an introduction to 4 best Hakuba ski resorts which are especially popular and highly valued.

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1. Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort

Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort (白馬八方尾根スキー場) is famous worldwide for the venue for the 1998 Winter Olympics.

The ski resort never let skiers/snowboarders bored with 13 various courses including the scenic 8,000m long slope.

The top of the mountain (a height of 1,831m above sea level) offers breathtaking panoramic scenery of Hakuba’s huge mountain range.


Number of Courses: 13

Maximum Slope Gradient: 35°

Longest Run: 8,000m

Ticket: JPY5,200 (1day)

Snow Gears Rental: Available

Player ratio : Ski (60%), Snowboard (40%)

Season: From December 1, 2023 to May 6, 2024

Hours: 8:30–21:00 (Night skiing available)

Website: http://www.happo-one.jp/english/

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2&3. Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park

Hakuba Goryu (白馬五竜スキー場) is the first ski resort which starts the season in Hakuba Valley.

There 15 course with various difficulty levels where both beginners and skilled skiers can fully enjoy running.

Another ski resort Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park is located just next to Hakuba Goryu. With the same lift ticket, you can access to both resorts.

Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park is the perfect slopes especially for advanced snowboarders since the park has numbers of facilities to challenge their skills such as half-pipes, a series of 10 kickers ranging from small to 20 meters and so on.

The area houses a variety of facilities which help you to enjoy skiing comfortably including, locker rooms, shower rooms, restaurants, beer bars, Free WiFi and so on.


Number of Courses: 23

Maximum Slope Gradient: 35°

Longest Run: 6,400m

Ticket: JPY7,500 (1day)

Snow Gears Rental: Available

Player ratio : Ski (50%), Snowboard (50%)

Season: From November 30, 2023 to May 6, 2024

Hours: 8:30–21:30 (Night skiing available)

Website(Hakuba Goryu): http://www.hakubaescal.com/winter-en/

Website (Hakuba 47): https://www.hakuba47.co.jp/winter/en/

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4. Hakuba Valley Kashimayari Ski Resort

Hakuba Valley Kashimayari Ski Resort (白馬 鹿島槍スキー場) meets needs of various types of skiers/snowboarders with 15 courses.

In addition, you can ski on fluffy snow through the forest at “Tree Run” area while the west section of the slope “VESP Park” offers a chance to challenge your skill with various snow facilities like this↓↓

At the top of the slope (an altitude of 1,550m), dynamic panorama views attract visitors.

There are two ski centers where you can station yourself, and the one “Central Plaza 1130” serves you with hot spring facility.


Number of Courses: 15

Maximum Slope Gradient: 38°

Longest Run: 5,000m

Ticket: JPY3,800 (1day)

Snow Gears Rental: Available

Player ratio : Ski (50%), Snowboard (50%)

Season: From December 16, 2023 to March 24, 2024

Hours: 8:00–16:30

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Hakuba Valley Free Pass

Isn’t it hard to choose just one resort out of the Hakuba Valley resorts?? Don’t worry!! Hakuba Valley offers a special ticket “Hakuba Valley Ticket” which enables you to access to all of the 10 resorts!! The price of the 1Day ticket JPY6,600 is amazingly reasonable.



You can get to Hakuba Valley area for only less than 3 hours by Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo and express bus. (More details)


Otherwise, for budget travelers, long distance bus is also available. It costs much cheaper and takes you from Shinjuku Station Bus Terminal BUSTA directly to Hakuba ski resorts while taking 5 hours to get there.

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