Mt.Fuji Ski Resorts: 3 Best Ski Resorts near Mt.Fuji 2022-2023

Take a day trip to Mt.Fuji Ski Resorts from Tokyo

Best Ski Resorts near Mt.Fuji

What to do in Japan in winter? One of the most recommended things to do in Japan in winter is skiing near the popular tourist site Mt.Fuji. Mt.Fuji areas have high-quality powder snow ski resorts with amazing views of the highest mountain.

You can go skiing with a day trip to Mt.Fuji since it takes only 2 or 3 hours to get there from the center of Tokyo. After enjoying skiing, how about soaking in onsen (hot springs) in the Mt.Fuji area.

Here are 3 best ski resorts near Mt.Fuji in 2022-2023. These ski resorts offer ski and snowboard equipment rentals, so you can take a ski trip with hands free. Information about tickets and transportation from Tokyo are also introduced below.

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1. Fujiten Snow Resort

Fujiten Snow Resort (ふじてんスノーリゾート) is one of the most popular ski resorts near Mt.Fuji where you can enjoy skiing with views of Mt.Fuji. The ski resort offers 7 courses for various skiers and snowboarders from beginners to advanced visitors.

One of its courses Downhill East is the most exciting and longest one in the resort with the 1,500m long slope and the maximum slope gradient 32°. On top of Downhill East, you can see Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko. For experienced snowboarders, there is a snowboard park with more than 10 items(kicker, rail, box and so on).

At the Family Course, beginners and family with kids are able to enjoy skiing and snowboarding slowly with a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji.

Fujiten Snow Resort has three restaurants which serve classic ski dishes such as curry and ramen. Of course, rental skiing and snowboarding gears are available!

Access: 2–3 hours by train and taxi from Shinjuku Station, Haneda Airport or Narita Airport

Season: From the mid December, 2022

Hours: 8:30–17:00 (Weekdays)/9:00–17:00 (Weekends and Holidays)/16:00–22:00 (All Night)

Lift Pass Ticket Rate (1Day): JPY4,000 (Weekdays)/JPY4,500 (Weekends and Holidays)/JPY2,500 (All Night)


2. Fujimi Panorama Resort

© 富士見パノラマリゾート

If you have a plan to travel to Mt.Fuji in winter season, it is recommended to go skiing at Fujimi Panorama Resort (富士見パノラマリゾート). The all-visitor-friendly resort has 7 courses to develop your skiing skill and a playing area for kids.

A Gondola lift takes you to the top of Konashi Course where you can skiing on the 3,000m long slope with the panoramic scenery of Southern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group. If you are an experienced skier, just try the toughest Rinden Course with a little steep slope (maximum slope gradient 32°). The family course is located away from the advanced courses with a kids park where beginners and family with kids can enjoy with ease.

For foodies, the restaurant “Orion” offers regional dishes cooked with Shinshu Pork and Shinshu Beef, and it is also recommended to ear Ramen at “Abete”. Fujimi Panorama Resort also allows you to visit with hands free since you can rent cool equipment there. If you stay at the resort overnight, how about experiencing a snow trekking for the second day?

Access: 2.5 hours from Shinjuku Station by train and shuttle bus

Season: From December 15, 2022

Hours: 8:00–16:30 (Weekdays)/8:00–16:30 (Weekends and Holidays)/17:30–21:30 (All Night)

Lift Pass Ticket Rate (1Day): JPY4,700 /JPY2,100 (All Night)


3. Snowtown Yeti (Shizuoka)

©︎ 2018–2019 Yeti

Snowtown Yeti (スノータウンイエティ) is famous for a ski resort opening the skiing season the earliest in Japan, and it is available from October! It maintains snow of the slopes by operating snowmakers it owns even though it does not snow. Is Snowtown Yeti located near Mt.Fuji? It is not so much near Mt.Fuji as at the second station of the mountain.

The ski resorts in Mt.Fuji has 4 slopes for beginners and advanced skiers/snowboarders and 2 slopes for family and sleds where children can play safe. Yeti also opens all night until 8:00AM of the next day on some days during the season.

There are restaurants, cafe, shops and rental gears facility which provides you with the latest equipment in the resort. You can easily take a day trip to Yeti and Mt.Fuji for skiing since it takes just more than 2 hours to get there by bus from Shinjuku Station.

Access: 2 hours from Shinjuku Station by bus

Season: October 22, 2022 to March 31, 2023

Hours: 9:00–21:00 (Weekdays)/8:00–21:00 (Weekends and Holidays)/15:30–8:00 of the next day (All Night)

Lift Pass Ticket Rate (1Day): JPY3,500 (Weekdays)/JPY4,000 (Weekends and Holidays)/JPY2,500 (All Night)


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It is a unique experience to ski near the Japanese landmark Mt.Fuji in winter. There are numerous onsen spots in Mt.Fuji areas, so I recommend to stay at nice Ryokan with onsen overnight!

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