MANGEKYO: Japanese Taiko Show by Drum Tao in Tokyo

Taiko Performance by Drum Tao and teamLab in Tokyo

Drum Tao's performers with digital projection

Some unique performance shows are perfect for learning the national cultures when you travel abroad. Then, what to see during traveling in Japan, especially in the capital Tokyo? Japanese drum show Mangekyo by Drum Tao is one of the best shows in Tokyo to experience the traditional Japanese culture.

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Taiko (Japanese drum) is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument, and now Taiko performances are seen at Japanese festivals all over the country. The Taiko show Mangekyo is not an ordinary drum performance, which consists of proficient skills of Taiko and digital technology.

Drum Tao, one of the highly-praised nonverbal entertainment groups in the world, gives a performance in Tokyo after the performers achieved success in 500 cities around the globe. The stage with colorful digital projection is produced by the famous group of ultratechnologists teamLab, which is known for the DIGITAL ART MUSEUM in Tokyo. The name of the show Mangekyo means a kaleidoscope in Japanese, and you will feel as if you were in the world of a kaleidoscope during the performance.

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Mangekyo show is held for a few times a day in Tokyo until March, 202o. Don’t miss the chance to watch the new traditional and digital performance show in Tokyo if you come to Tokyo in this year!

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Drum Tao MANGEKYO Japanese Taiko Show in Tokyo
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Panasonic presents 万華響-MANGEKYO- Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo

Location: Alternative Theatre

Access: 3 mins walk from Ginza Station or Yurakucho Station


Season: 5th January to 3oth March, 2020

Official Website:

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The location of MANGEKYO is Yurakucho which is the area near Ginza. Check more things to do in Ginza!

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