New UNIQLO Harajuku Store

UNIQLO Harajuku Opened at WITH HARAJUKU, Tokyo

The popular Japanese fashion retailer, UNIQLO has opened a new branch in Harajuku in 2020 summer. The store is located at 1F & B1F of WITH HARAJUKU, the newly opened 13-story shopping complex situated in front of Harajuku Station.

Harajuku is known as the center of Japanese young culture and fashion, and it’s the location where UNIQLO’s first branch in central Tokyo opened back in 1998, which closed 8 years ago. In 2020, the brand new UNIQLO Harajuku store came back bigger, more stylish and edgy. The store is designed to appeal to young generation, offering contents and services with the latest digital technology and products that allow visitors to experience culture.

The ground floor is “UT POP OUT” which is dedicated to UT (UNIQLO T-Shirt) Collection and a large selection of cool T-shirts in collaboration with various artists and brands can be found. There are a variety of new items added to the UT Collection besides T-shirts such as notebooks, bags, plates, stickers, etc.

In 2020 summer, UNIQLO released a new UT collection teaming up with Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami, and to celebrate this special collaboration, a 3m tall statue of Billie Eilish designed by Takashi Murakami was displayed at Harajuku store for a temporary time.

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Another notable feature of the store is “StyleHint Harajuku”, linking to a style suggestion app StyleHint. There are 240 panels displaying on the wall and customers can search and browse the latest clothes and styling posted by UNIQLO users. It helps us to select clothes to buy and also where to find them at the store.


UNIQLO Harajuku seems like it’s the coolest UNIQLO store ever. Experience the cool fashion and the latest digital technology at the brand new UNIQLO Harajuku store!

-UNIQLO Harajuku Store

Access: Short walk from JR Harajuku Station
Hours: 11:00~20:00

Official Website:

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