10 Best Ramen in Shinjuku

Top 10 Popular Ramen Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku is known as a Mecca of Ramen and considerably there are over 300 Ramen restaurants in the area, which makes Shinjuku the most competitive Ramen district in Japan! Every Ramen restaurant in this area takes their pride to compete others by their original dishes. So let’s take a look at top 10 Ramen restaurants chosen by both locals and tourists!

1. Ichiran (一蘭)

Must-try Tonkotsu Ramen in Hakata style

2. Fuujin (風雲児)

Rich floavoured Tsukemen style Ramen

3. Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵)

Mega portion mouth-watering Ramen

4. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka (新宿御苑らーめん桜花)

Halal and Vegan friendly Ramen

5. Ippudo (一風堂)

Yet another must-have Hakata style Tonkotsu Ramen

6. Niboshi Ramen Nagi (煮干ラーメン 凪)

Aromatic “Niboshi” (sardine stock) Ramen

7. Ramen Tatsunoya (ラーメン 龍の家)

Authentic pork broth Ramen from Kurume City

8. Menya Kaijin (麺屋海神)

Light and delicate seafood broth Ramen

9. Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara (東京豚骨拉麺ばんから)

Rich pork broth Ramen topped with giant pork belly

10. Ebisoba Ichigen (えびそば一幻)

Savory and aromatic shrimp Ramen

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