Starbucks Japan New Frappucino Halloween Limited Edition 2022

Starbucks Japan Halloween Frappuccino 2022: ALL Purple

Starbucks Halloween 2022

Finally Starbucks Japan has revealed its special drink for Halloween 2022! Purple Halloween Frappuccino is a “midnight ghost prank” themed Frappuccino. From the base to the toppings this special Frappucino is made with Purple Sweet Potato mixed with vanilla flavour.

This autumn Starbucks Japan is indulging its fans by bringing out various special products. After announcing special marron flavored drinks and a special merchandising collection for autumn, las week Starbucks Japan released their new Halloween collection for 2022  “BLACK CATS GET MAGIC”. The collection, that included tumblers, mugs, stainless steel bottles and more, was a big exit and run out in all shops within minutes!

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Purple has been the colour of choice for Starbucks this year for its Halloween season, as we could see with the special merchandise. The Halloween-inspired drink, called “ALL purple” have a mysterious vibe and try to make you feel as if you’ve been pranked by a ghost.

The new Starbucks Japan Frapuccino ALL purple is a must drink for all fans of Instagram-Worthy photos.

This Halloween 2022 in Japan you can enjoy the rich taste of gently sweetened purple potatoes combined with rich vanilla ice cream!

Starbucks Halloween 2022
©2022 Starbucks Coffee Company.

Purple Halloween Frappuccino

Price: 690 yen (Tall size only); 678 yen for take-out

Sales Period: 19 ~ 31 October, 2022

Available at Starbucks shops nationwide (excluding some shops).

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