New Starbucks Tea Store Opening in Ebisu soon!

Starbucks Coffee Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza will Open in November 2022

Starbucks Tea Ebisu

In November 2022 Starbucks Japan will open a new store specializing in tea. This will be the third store of the franchise specializing in tea, after Roppongi and Kichijoji. Based on the concept of “a colourful and heart-warming tea experience” Starbucks Tea & Café is the generic name for a new Starbucks concept store specializing in tea.

Since its arrival in Japan Starbucks has been offering a new tea experience by using familiar Japanese teas such as matcha and hojicha to make tea lattes and Frappuccinos and has become a part of Japan’s new tea culture. Since 2020 the company developed Starbucks Tea & Cafe.

The new Starbucks Tea & Cafe store will open on the first basement floor of the newly reopened Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday). Starbucks Coffee Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza B1 will offer a unique tea experience that will allow many people to enjoy the appeal of tea. In order to meet the growing demand for tea, Starbucks will promote the product by opening new stores specializing in tea and expanding the tea menu at existing Starbucks stores.

Starbucks Tea Ebisu
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Starbucks Tea & Café is a Starbucks where tea takes center stage, offering customers a colorful and heartwarming tea experience. Under the concept of “Life Creator’s Living” customers can enjoy an unprecedented tea experience with a wide variety of teas from the TEAVANA™ tea brand, which selects the finest tea leaves and botanical ingredients. Moreover, the interior of the store has been designed around the theme of herbal teas and along with the soothing aroma that spreads throughout the place the customers can enjoy tea with all five senses while sipping on their favorite beverage.

Starbucks Japan want the store to become a place where people from all walks of life, including those who live, work, and shop in Ebisu, can gather to enjoy the exciting pleasure of tea with its rich colors, take a breather, and refresh themselves.

Starbucks Tea & Cafe offers a menu that further expands the existing concept of tea with three categories: “Tea Creations”, “Tea Lattes” and “Tea Frappuccinos” with 13 types of tea beverages (as of September 2022) including seasonal products. Do you want to know more about the original and exclusive drinks you can find at Starbucks Coffee Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza?  Let’s check the menu!

Seasonal Recommendations

▲ Left to Right
Peach & Majestic Chai Tea: 650 yen
Peach & Majestic Chai Tea Frappuccino: 750 yen


▲ Left to Right
Yuzu & Citrus Lavender Sage Tea Frappuccino: 750 yen
Strawberry & Passion Tea Frappuccino: 750 yen 
Wasanbon Green Tea Frappuccino: 750 yen

▲ Left to Right
Wasanbon Houjicha Frappuccino: 705 yen
Classic Tea Latte Frappuccino: 650 yen


▲ Left to Right
Yuzu & Citrus Lavender Sage Tea: 650 yen
Strawberry & Passion Tea: 595 yen 
Wasanbon Green Tea Ice Latte: 650 yen

▲ Left to Right
Wasanbon Houjicha Tea Ice Latte: 595 yen
Classic Tea Ice Latte: 540 yen 
Japanese Chai Tea Latte: 650 yen
Iced tea with citrus, lavender and sage: 490 yen

– Starbucks Coffee Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza B1 –

Address:Yebisu Garden Place Center Plaza B1, 4-20-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 8:00-22:00

Seats: 48 inside, 32 on the terrace

Opening date:November 8, 2022 (Tuesday)

The first Starbucks Tea & Cafe store opened in July 2020 in Roppongi, Tokyo, and currently has two stores in Tokyo, two stores in Osaka, and one store each in Toyama and Fukuoka.

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