Museum of YEBISU BEER : Tour and Beer Tasting!

Enjoy delicious YEBISU BEER tasting at Museum of YEBISU BEER in Ebisu, Tokyo!

YEBISU BEER is one of the most famous beer brands in Japan from Sapporo company. Comparing to other popular Japanese beer like Asashi and Kirin, YEBISU BEER is often called “premium beer” in Japan which has better quality made with fine selected ingredients and by the special method.

In fact, the YEBISU BEER is originally from Ebisu district in Tokyo, and on its 120th birthday , the Museum of YEBISU BEER (ヱビスビール記念館) was launched at Yebisu Garden Place near JR Ebisu Station in Tokyo. Yebisu Garden Place is a popular multi-use complex buildings consists of shops, restaurants, museums, and several events are held through the year. It’s very accessible from Shibuya and Harajuku districts in Tokyo.

At the museum, all the facts and history about Yebisu beer are on exhibit, and guests can take FREE tour everyday as well as tasting of various kinds of YEBISU BEER! (one drink: 400 yen)

The Museum of YEBISU BEER is free to enter, and the gallery is open for public, yet I highly recommend to take “the YEBISU tour” which is held everyday (13 times on weekdays and 20 times on weekends) from 11:00 to 17:00. The tour takes around 40 mins guided by the YEBISU BEER expert including tastings of two recommended beer, and it costs only 500 JPY per person (include 2 beers).

The YEBISU Tour can be booked at the front desk of the museum, via Online (Japanese only) or phone (Museum of YEBISU BEER TEL 03–5423–7255).



If you don’t get enough of the taste of beer after the tour, there is another lounge in the museum called “the Tasting Salon” where several different kinds of YEBISU BEER can be enjoyed with only 400 JPY per drink! Of course all the beer are straight from the tap and some snacks are served, too. There is also an official museum shop offering a variety of limited YEBISU BEER products, which are perfect for souvenirs!


<<Museum of YEBISU BEER (ヱビスビール記念館)>>


Access: 5 mins walk from JR Ebisu station (inside Yebisu Garden Place)

Hours: 11:00~19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Fee: Free (Yebisu Tour 500 JPY)

Official Website:

MUSEUM of YEBISU BEER is one of the best FREE attractions in Tokyo! For more things to do in Tokyo, please check out these articles, too!

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