Starbucks Japan Halloween Tumblers and Mugs 2022

Starbucks Japan Halloween "BLACK CATS GET MAGIC" Merchandise Collection 2022

Starbucks Halloween

After the Sakura collection in Spring one of the most popular collections of Starbucks Japan is their Halloween collection featuring adorable products with pumpkins, cats, ghosts and monsters decorations. A must-have for spooky and Halloween lovers.

With the arrival of cold weather and the first autumn leaves, the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte arrives at Starbucks but also the new Halloween collection! The theme of Starbucks’ new Halloween collection for 2022 is “BLACK CATS GET MAGIC”. The new items include tumblers, mugs, stainless steel bottles, and more, all playfully decorated with black cats and ghosts as motifs in purple and black colors.

▽Starbucks Japan is also releasing its autumn-themed merchandise, too!▽

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Starbucks will release the new Halloween and fall merchandise at Starbucks stores and other locations nationwide starting Wednesday, October 12, 2022 and will be available only for limited time while stocks last.

Wanna know more? Let’s check the line-up of the Starbucks Japan Halloween Collection 2022 including cups, tumblers, and mugs!

Left to Right:
Halloween 2022 Stainless Steel Bottle Cat 444ml 4,100 yen
Halloween 2022 Stainless Steel Tumbler Odd-Eyed Cat 355ml 3,650 yen
Halloween 2022 Bottle Cat 355ml  1,800 yen

Left to Right:
Halloween 2022 Canister Foodie Cat 2,800 yen
Halloween 2022 Mug Masked Cat 355ml  2,150 yen
Halloween 2022 Mug Foodie Cat 355ml 2,150 yen

Left to Right:
Halloween 2022 Reusable Straw Set & Case 2,500 yen *(Picture 1&2)
Halloween 2022 Mug Ghost 355ml 2,150 yen

Left to Right:
Halloween 2022 Tumbler Cat & Ghost 473ml 2,150 yen
Halloween 2022 Color Changing Reusable Cup 473ml 500 yen
Halloween 2022 Color Changing Reusable Cup 473ml 500 yen

Left to Right:
Anniversary Reusable Cup Exclusive Drink Hole Cap Bearista Set ¥900*(Picture 1&2) / Only sold with Halloween 2022 Color Changing Reusable Cup 
Halloween 2022 heat-resistant glass mug cat 355ml 2,900 yen

Left to Right:
Halloween 2022 Beverage Card Cat/Ghost 700 yen each
Halloween 2022 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Cat 1,050 yen
Halloween 2022 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Cat 1,050 yen

You Are Here Collection Autumn Edition

In addition you can also purchase the You Are Here Autumn edition collection only available during this time of the year!

Left to Right:
You Are Here Autumn Mug 414ml 1,980 yen
You Are Here Autumn Edition Stainless Steel Bottle 473ml 4,840 yen

▽Let’s review Starbucks Japan’s lineup in 2022!▽

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