How to Choose the Best Japanese Pocket WiFi Rental for You

Japanese mobile WiFi guide for short-term, long-term, students, business travelers and so on

How to Choose Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan

The first thing you should do after booking your flight and hotel in Japan is renting a pocket WiFi router. Now, connecting the Internet is one of the most important things on your overseas travels to browse, use Google Maps, post your photos on Instagram and Facebook and talk to your friends and family through Skype or WhatsApp.

Hiring a mobile WiFi router is the best way to get connected to the Internet in Japan. There are tens of competitive WiFi router rental companies in Japan, which may make you wonder which option is the best for you. The best pocket WiFi rental company depends on what you want to do with the WiFi. Some people need unlimited data usage and the fastest data speed to stay connected all the time on their trips, and other people look for the cheapest pocket WiFi rental option with their tight travel budget.

Here is the guide on how to choose a perfect Japanese pocket WiFi rental for you, which should depend on your needs such as price, data amount, rental period and purpose of use. Check information about SIM cards and Free WiFi in Japan, too.

Let’s choose the best pocket WiFi rental and get the best cost-benefit performance for your perfect trip to Japan!

Are there many Free WiFi spots in Japan?

To come to the point, there are less Free WiFi spots in Japan than other tourism developed countries, and those hot spots are confined to limited public places such as airports and some cafes and restaurants. And, you can only use it for limited time. Many hotels and guesthouses provide you with their WiFi for free or at a cheap rate, however, it is outside that you want to connect the Internet the most, right? That is why I highly recommend to rent a pocket WiFi router in Japan.

Why is a pocket WiFi better than a SIM card?

Lots of companies offer foreign tourists a SIM card in Japan as well as a pocket WiFi, but it is difficult to say it is the best option to stay connected. There are quite a few reasons why I recommend you to use a pocket WiFi instead of a SIM card, and let me tell you some of them. SIM cards apparently seem a little cheaper than portable WiFi routers, nevertheless, you may have compatibility problems with Japanese SIM cards and your device.

The SIM cards sold in Japan hold a potentiality not to work at all with your device at the first place. Secondly, it is a bit complicated to set up with a SIM card than connecting with a pocket WiFi router. Additionally, many SIM cards have very limited data usage per a day and they allow only you to use the WiFi while a pocket WiFi gives multiple devices access to the Internet.

Best overall value pocket WiFi in Japan

Then, which pocket WiFi rental company should you choose? Japan Wireless, one of the most popular Japanese WiFi rental companies, is assessed comprehensively in terms of rental rate, data speed, data usage, customer service, how easy to pick up and return and other factors.

Japan Wireless is one of few companies that offer the completely unlimited 4G LTE data usage which let you use the Internet as much as you want. No data limitation at all. And, the data speed 187Mbps (Download) is fast enough to do anything. No frustration to browse on Google, watch videos on YouTube and talk to your family in your country through Skype.

What’s the highlight of the company is its competitive rental rate for the highest spec of the router. with unlimited data. Moreover, you can easily pick up your ordered WiFi at your airport or hotel front desk and return it by dropping it into post boxes anywhere in Japan. A return envelope is delivered to you together with the WiFi unit.

That is why many travelers have chosen a pocket WiFi of Japan Wireless without any question for their stay in Japan for around 1–2 weeks or more.

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Best portable WiFi router for long-term travelers

There are some options to get network connection for residents and long-term stayers in Japan: Installing a fixed home WiFi router, contracting mobile carries or other reasonable SIM cards. In addition, lots of pocket WiFi rental companies provide special plans for long-term rentals. Check which is the best option for you.

Best WiFi hotspots for short-term travelers

Many tourists stay in Japan for around a couple of weeks, and renting a portable WiFi is one of the most recommended way to get connected anywhere in the country during their stay. Compare some companies that offer high-quality WiFi services at a competitive price.

Best mobile WiFi device for students

It is recommended for international students to rent a pocket WiFi to get a stable Internet connection anywhere in Japan. A handy WiFi router will make your life in Japan much more satisfactory and comfortable. Here is the list of good companies that provides mobile WiFi routers to students at reasonable rates. Some providers offer special long-term plans to stayers for more than months.

Best reliable pocket WiFi for business travelers

For those who have a plan to travel to Japan for business, getting a dependable network connection is one of the most significant things you should prepare for the trip. Here is the list of the best pocket WiFi rental services for business travelers in Japan, which focuses on stability in connection and reliability with English-speaking customer support instead of cost.

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