Galaxy Harajuku: The Samsung’s 6-storey store in Harajuku

Galaxy Harajuku

Samsung, the globally renowned electronic device company opened its largest 6-storey store in the popular Harajuku area in 2019. Marketed as a Brand’s Showcase store, here you can experience the latest Galaxy device and useful information on how to use the device by walking through each floor. They offer different interactive experiences such as photo shoots with their collaborating celebrities, catching dinosaurs at the adventurous digital art exhibition teamLab Dinosaur Forest, or check out the latest Galaxy Smart Phone Accessories at  SLBS STUDIO on the 2nd floor.

Galaxy Harajuku

As soon as you enter the store, you will be introduced to the stamp rally card which shows the activity of what each floor offers. Once you have completed all the activities, the card will be stamped, and you will have a chance to win the original gift.

B1F: Service Shop/ Store Pickup/ S Pen Atelier

Galaxy Harajuku

B1F does the service for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones (fixing it and replacing screen, etc.). You can also purchase devices at B1F, or pick up there if you buy something online.

1F: Hands-on Lounge

Galaxy Harajuku

On the first floor you can see all the Galaxy products on display.

At the back of the second floor they have an area with decorations with different motifs (at the time of my visit to the store the theme was Halloween) which is perfect for taking pictures for Instagram. They will lend you a Galaxy Z Flip phone so you can try out for yourself the usefulness of their new feature. Since it can be folded, it can be placed on a flat surface and you can easily take selfies. At the end, they will send 2 of the photos of your choice to your mobile device.

2F: cafe/ My Galaxy/ SLBS Store

The second floor is divided between the SLBS store and the harajuku cafe.

SLBS sells official accessories for Samsung products, but also gadgets that can be used on other smartphones from different brands. It’s especially popular among Kpop fans as it has a collection in collaboration with the famous band of the moment Stray Kids. But even if you are not interested in kpop, as I said they also sell original accessories as cases for the latest Samsung mobile phone models, such as the Galaxy Flip.

Past the store, we found a cozy cafe. The inside is a bit small, but at the back there is a terrace with comfortable sofas ideal for sunbathing and relaxing with friends or partner. In the inner part of the cafeteria, a few tables have plugs to connect electronic devices so many people go there to do remote work.

3F: Galaxy & teamLab:

Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest

Galaxy Harajuku

The museums and temporary digital art exhibitions created by teamLab are already well known around the world, and many people are looking forward to traveling to Japan to enjoy the experience.

teamLab museums, such as teamLab Planets in Toyosu, require an entrance fee. But at Galaxy Harajuku you can enjoy the team Lab Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest, a fun experience where visitors hunt dinosaurs and various animals using the Samsung’s smartphones provided at the entrance. You can also take pictures with them, and the staff will sent the pictures to your own mobile phone after finish.

Of all the teamLab experiences, Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest is one of the most interactive and fun. Both children and adults have a great time!

If you prefer a complete teamLab museum experience, we recommend teamLab Planets in Toyosu, Tokyo.

▶︎Buy here tickets for teamLab Planets

 4F, 5F: Closed

The forth and fifth floor is closed to the public.

6F: Galaxy Purple Floor

Galaxy Harajuku

Finally, after playing and having fun, on the top floor you can have a moment of relaxation. It’s all decorated in lilac colors, with a beautiful area with very photogenic flowers and comfortable poufs.

…and more!

In addition to all this, there are also products that are very popular among young people. For example, you can make a personalized strap with the words you want (for example your name) and add some drawings. You can choose between different colors for the strap and the name, as well as different fonts. But if you want to do it you have to go very early because there are always a lot of people and the quantity per day is limited.

Also on the second floor you can create a personalized phone case or even stickers. You choose a drawing from thousands available, and color it yourself to your liking using a tablet, and then they print it out and you can take it with you!

Galaxy Harajuku

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