Cool Cafes in Omotesando Area, Tokyo

Omotesando: Coffee geeks’ favourite neighbourhood in Tokyo

The cafe industry in Japan, especially Tokyo, has been growing significantly in the last decade. More people have great tastes of coffee, and it is not hard to find authentic, delicious coffees just like in Europe, USA and Australia. Also because of the biggest trend of today, “hunting for Instagram-worthy spots/things”, more and more cafes put their effort on creating attractive interior, food and beverage.

Omotesando (表参道) is one of most trendy and fashionable area in Tokyo. The beautiful tree-lined avenue is where department stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafes gather. It’s located near both Harajuku and Shibuya, and it’s a perfect spots to relax in a pleasant atmosphere off the chaotic streets of neighbourhoods.

Numbers of trendy and stylish cafes/coffee stands have opened around Omotesando station in recent years, and the neighbourhood is becoming a favourite spot for coffee geeks to hand out. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of recommended cafes in Omotesando area from instagram-worthy interior to delicious coffee 😉

1. Blue Bottle Coffee

The Oakland in California State based coffee company, Blue Bottle Coffee has launched their first Japanese branch in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo 2 years ago. The modern and simple cafe offers authentic coffee with selected coffee beans from all over the world. Their second branch is located at Aoyama area, the second floor of the building off the busy street. The spacious cafe offers very relaxing atmosphere with a large window wall and trees surrounded.


Access: 2 mins walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 8:00~19:00

2. Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE

Aoyama Flower Market is a flower shop which has numbers of branches across the country. Their stylish and arty bouquets and arrangements are perfect for gifts. Their head branch is located in Aoyama area, right off Omotesando Street, and the cafe “TEA HOUSE” is located inside the flower shop. The whole cafe is decorated with colourful flowers, and fresh herbal teas and some flower themed food and beverage are served. It’s a perfect gem for flower lovers and those who seek for Instagram-worthy stuff.


Access: short walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 11:00~20:00 (~19:00 on Sunday)


LATTEST is an espresso bar, which opened in 2012 with the aim to train and empower female baristas, and values great coffee and also connecting people. The cafe is located off the main street of Omotesando. One of the best coffees in town is served by skilled baristas who impressively draw latte art on coffee cups. LATTEST is surely the gem coffee geeks will fall in love.


Access: 5 mins walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 10:00~19:00

4. Nicolai Bergmann NOMU

Another great collaboration of flowers and cafe, Nicolai Bergmann is a flower shop produced by the Danish flower artist who creates beautiful and creative flower art with a stylish Nordic essence. His significant work, the Flower Box is a popular item for gift. Currently, there are over 10 stores in Japan, and its flagship store is located in Omotesando area together with the cafe NOMU. The cafe is decorated with green and flower, and healthy and creative meals and drinks are served.


Access: 4 mins walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 10:00~20:00


BREAD, ESPRESSO & (パンとエスプレッソと) is a popular bakery cafe located near LATTEST, at the back alley of the main street of Omotesando. Various kinds of freshly baked breads can be enjoyed with eat-in or takeaway as well as delicious coffee served by a barista.


Access: 5 mins walk from Omotesando Station

Hours: 8:00~20:00 (Closed on Monday)

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