5 Best Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo

Must-Try Japanese Fluffy Pancake in Tokyo

Pancakes has been one of the most popular desserts in Japan over the past decade. From the simple ones to Hawaiian style with generous toppings, various kinds of pancakes can be found today.

The most popular type of pancakes in town is the Japanese style pancakes which are super thick and fluffy. In the past few years, the fluffy souffle pancakes have become one of the most trendy and iconic dessert in Tokyo. Numbers of pancake shops have opened in town and offer their creative, eye-popping and mouthful Japanese style fluffy pancakes.

In this article, I’d like to share the best pancake shops in Tokyo offering the most delicious and iconic fluffy pancakes.

1. Accueil

Accueil (アクイーユ) is a cozy and spacious cafe located in Ebisu area, Tokyo. The cafe offers around 10 kinds of pancakes on the menu including limited flavours with seasonal ingredients or special themes.

The pancakes at Accueil are made by an experienced patissier and the cafe was voted for the best pancake shop in Japan in 2015! The cafe also offers a variety of savory dishes such as pasta and omurice during lunch and dinner.

-Accueil Ebisu Store
Map: http://bit.ly/2E0KkY3
Access: 4 mins walk from Ebisu Station
Hours: 11:00~21:00 (Weekdays), 11:00~22:00 (Friday, Saturday and the day before holiday)

2. A Happy Pancake

A Happy Pancake or Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ) is a franchised pancake store in Japan which became famous for their significant “the fluffiest pancakes in the world”. A Happy Pancake now has over 20 stores across Japan, and 7 in Tokyo including Omotesando, Shibuya, and Shinjuku.

The super fluffy melt-in-your-month style pancakes can be enjoyed simply with butter and manuka honey, or various toppings such as chocolate, caramel, fresh fruits and more.

-A Happy Pancake Omotesando Store
Map: http://bit.ly/2vNh82t
Access: 2 mins walk from Omotesando Station
Hours: 09:30~19:30 (9:00~ on Weekends and Holidays)

-A Happy Pancake Shibuya Store
Map: http://bit.ly/2VeP6qO
Access: 3 mins walk from Shibuya Station
Hours: 10:30~20:30 (10:00~ on Weekends and Holidays)

-A Happy Pancake Shinjuku Store
Map: http://bit.ly/2VaelKY
Access: 5 mins walk from Shinjuku Station
Hours: 10:30~20:30 (10:00~ on Weekends and Holidays)

Store location (Japanese): https://magia.tokyo/shop


FLIPPER’S (フリッパーズ) specializes in souffle pancakes called “the Miracle Pancake” that offers a new pancake experience. The pancake has a soft and fluffy texture made with fine and moist cake dough, and gently melts in your mouth.

FLIPPER’S currently has 6 cafes in Tokyo: Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Shimokitazawa and more, including 2 takeaway shops, FLIPPER’S STAND, offering unique small sized pancake desserts.

-FLIPPER’S Shibuya Store
Map: http://bit.ly/30anB5i
Access: 9 mins walk from Shibuya Station
Hours: 11:00~20:00

-FLIPPER’S Jiyugaoka Store
Map: http://bit.ly/30akPx6
Access: 1 min walk from Jiyugaoka Station
Hours: 11:00~21:00 (~20:30 on Sundays and Holidays)

Store location (Japanese): https://baycrews.jp/store/list?brand=0050


BURN SIDE ST CAFE (バーンサイドストリートカフェ) is a sister store of the pancake cafe “elk” which is enormously popular in western Japan (Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya). The shop opened in Harajuku/Omotesando area in 2015, serving delicious cafe food and coffee. The stylish cafe interior is themed as a local cafe in Portland in Oregon State.

Their signature dish on the menu is the stack of thick and fluffy souffle pancakes called “White Souffle Pancake” which come with a choice of toppings and flavours such as fresh fruits, tiramisu and cream cheese. Since the souffle pancakes are made by order, it takes minimum 20 mins until it’s delivered to your table, so be ready to wait patiently.

-BURN SIDE ST CAFE Harajuku Store
Map: http://bit.ly/2VrIXN4
Access: 6 mins walk from Harajuku Station
Hours: 9:30〜21:00 (8:30〜on Weekends and Holidays)

5. cafe & pancake gram

gram (グラム) offers the thickest stack of pancakes in town. The tower of eye-popping 4cm thick souffle pancakes called “ the Premium Pancake” is served only 3 times daily (11:00/15:00/18:00: only 20 dishes available in each time). Besides, various pancakes are available with a wide choice of sweets and savory toppings and side dishes.

There are over 20 shops across Japan and their Tokyo branch is located in Daikanyama area.

-cafe & pancake gram Daikanyama Store
Map: https://bit.ly/2PRGKZt
Access: 3 mins walk from Daikanyama Station
Hours: 11:00~21:30

Thanks for reading! If you are a sweets lover, you should definitely experience the fluffy pancakes while travelling in Japan!

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